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Smiley Mood Badges For Your Citizens 2016-10-05

Smiley Mood Badges For Your Citizens

  1. Puppeteer
    Make it easier to see who is happy, who is sad and who is resisting! Never again have a smiling content person fool you into disorder! Files for all versions of Civ3 and all shipped scenarios and conquests are included in one zip file.

    These smiley badges show up in the city view and Domestic Advisor (F1) screen to help you more easily pick out your happy, unhappy and resisting citizens.

    This isn't the first smiley popHeads mod by a longshot, but hopefully it's the most complete. I've gametested these extensively and enjoy them.

    The zip file includes 9 files to cover all the scenarios and conquests and the normal epic game. You may only need one if you only play, for example, C3C epic games. The readme.txt in the zip tells you where to put the file(s). Note: the readme.txt mistakenly says the PTW scenarios aren't completed, but they are...their location in the zipfile is obvious, and the readme tells you where to put them.

    Link to discussion thread for questions, comments, credits and more detail.

    See also my mood badges with civ color nationality flags which are great for you warmongers.

    Sample screenshots follow. The resisters (not shown) have this smiley: :mad:.

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