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Snoopy's Terrain Graphics Modpack for Conquests 2016-10-05

Snoopy's Terrain Graphics Modpack for C3C (Civ3 Conquests)
This modpack changes the terrain graphics to be more detailed and easier to identify. It contains new graphics for irrigation, rocky mountain & hills, new rivers, distinct looking forests and jungles, deep blue (or greener) water, greener grassland, raised land, improved city graphics, and more. The rules have not been changed.

What's new in this version:

* Includes the new graphics for volcanos and marsh terrains.

* resources.pcx updated to include the four new C3C resources (sugar, tropical fruit, tobacco, and oasis).

* Includes the new grassland forests graphics made by snoopy. The normal grassland forests file from previous version of snoopy is also included in the zip. If you prefer to use the old grassland forests instead, simply rename the "grassland forests.pcx" to "grassland forests (new).pcx" then rename the "grassland forests (normal).pcx" file to "grassland forests.pcx".
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