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So Far, So Close / Restricted Movement (v1.0) 2016-10-05

So Far, So Close / Restricted Movement (v1.0)

  1. Melendor
    Your units will have a limited range from your cultural borders. That range is:
    Until Medieval Era, 3;
    In Medieval and Renascence Eras, 6;
    In Industrial Era or after, there isn’t a range limit.

    Recon and Naval units have double range.
    Great Spies and Merchants are free of restrictions.
    The Load/Unload from ships and City Attacks are free of restrictions.

    With Paper and “Open Borders” agreement, you can use the culture from other civilization as “base point”, but only if you know the square.


    Credits: The initial idea is mine, it is all made by The J
    The treat is here.

    If you are looking for a Mod with SFSC-RM, don’t lose your time. Take Mod Bacana!!! :)