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Social Engineering - Culture and Virtue Revamp 2016-10-05

Social Engineering - Culture and Virtue Revamp

  1. lilgamefreek
    "Social Engineering" is a revamp of Beyond Earth's Culture and Virtue system, making the virtues you choose descriptive of your state and affect your diplomatic relationship with others. Virtues are separated among 12 Social Engineering choices, and as your virtues evolve, so does the story of your state and people.

    This download contains both Vanilla (v3) and Rising Tide (v4) versions of this mod. Please make sure to enable the right version for your game.

    Hard Decisions

    The mod features 84 virtues, 12 Social Engineering choices, and 4 Social Engineering categories. Players use their culture to make difficult decisions such as whether their state develops into an oppressive Police State, a free Pluralist society, or a Fundamentalist government. Here's an easier to browse album of all of the content: http://imgur.com/a/7tZhz/layout/horizontal#4

    Always Greener

    Social Engineering choices also come with downsides that become more intense as the choice is further developed. If the Shortcomings become too much to handle, players can abandon their choice in favor of a different one at the cost of a few turns of Martial Law.

    Us vs. Them

    What's more, Social Engineering choices will affect diplomatic relationships with other states. Hutama will not be happy with states who adopt a Planned Economy, while Elodie will be very warm to others who choose Pluralism. Each vanilla leader comes with their own, character appropriate Aversion and Preference, and it is easy for others to include them in their own mod.

    Important Notes

    - I would love to hear your feedback. I am by no means an expert game designer. Let me know what you feel is unbalanced, what is broken, or what you love about this mod! I need to know what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong.

    - I will continue to update this mod into the future. I am releasing because the core gameplay is done and ready for others to experience. I plan to include in the future the ability to see what other players have selected as their Social Engineering, some tweaking of text throughout, and of course balance changes.

    - This mod is compatible with custom sponsors, even if they don't add aversions or preferences. The system is flexible and robust, allowing you to have sponsors with none or multiple Aversions and Preferences. Mod Makers can look at my mod, the Unity Project, for an example how.

    - This mod is not available for Hot Seat or Online multiplayer. There is the possibility of some mod in the future making this game playable in Hot Seat, but at the time of writing, no such mod exists.

    Planned Future Changes

    - Diplomacy Screen lists which Social Engineering choices opponents have adopted and how deeply
    - Civilopedia entries
    - More appropriate building icons in certain places

    External Links

    CivFanatics download page
    CivFanatics forum thread
    Steam Workshop link

    Additional Credits

    - The Firaxis Teams for both Beyond Earth and Alpha Centauri
    Ingame Art:
    - Starships Team (Police State, Pluralist, Dominance, and Cooperative splashes)
    - Crystal Palace Entrance, Ryan Church (Fundamentalist splash)
    - Adrift concept art 03, Michael Koch (Free Market splash)
    - Factory Mood Concept, Cristi-B (Planned splash)
    - ANTS concept, Valtra Corp. (Green splash)
    - Portal, Robert Brown (Progress splash)
    - Room With a View, Christian Tigaer Hecker (Wealth splash)
    - The King has been found, EstevesLuis (Aggressive splash)
    - City Wall concept art, Bungie (Defensive splash)


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