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Socra's Depth Expansion (Quo's Combined Tweaks) 2.0

Adds Abilities

  1. Socra
    I decided to add a little more depth and theme to each Civilization's traits.

    This is the Beta, so it is a modded Quo's Combined Tweaks file (version 6.0.9) . This is ultimately going to be a simple and seperate add-on mod, so I will be getting that done shortly. Wanted to get this out for people who had been waiting.

    (You will need to turn off the original Quo's for this mod to work atm.)

    Mod Dependencies (MUST HAVE) :
    - Thunder and Steel Unique Units
    - JFD Mali
    - JFD Denmark
    - JFD Papal States

    All abilities labeled "Q" are original to Quo's Combined Tweaks, the rest are my additions:

    -- Netherlands:
    Stapelmarkt: When at peace with all major civs, your bonus resources behave like luxury resources, providing +1 Amenities per resource.

    Dutch East India Company: Receive a free builder when settling on a foreign continent. These cities yield +100% Gold while they have no specialty district. Lose this bonus once you have built a district.

    -- Papal States
    Chisel & Pinecone: Great Artists commissioned (stationed) in Diocese Districts increase both religious Spread Distance and Spread Strength by 20%. Great Works of Art yield +2 Gold, +2 Faith, and +2 Production.

    Divination: After constructing the Diocese district, the Papal States can build the Monastery Improvement.

    -- Denmark
    Order of the Elephant: Commercial Hub buildings for the Kobstad district also yield Science.

    Struensee: Receive an extra Economic Slot at the start of the game. Gain +2 Trade Route Capacity after constructing a Government Plaza.

    (Q): Land combat units have +1 Vision. All units disregard zone of control.

    Arauco: All units within owned territory gain +4 Combat Strength. Unlock Reconquest Casus Belli after discovering Military Training.

    (Q): When you discover Sailing, Astrology, Celestial Navigation, Shipbuilding, Cartography, Square Rigging, or Astronomy, receive free Culture, adjusted for game speed.

    Floating Castles: Kampung Improvements yield +1 Production and +1 Food when a Jong unit is adjacent.

    -- Mali
    Trans-Saharan Trade Fleet:
    All tiles adjacent to a River gain +1 respective yield (Gold/Culture/Faith) after a Commercial Hub, Theater Square, or Holy Site is built in the city.

    Richest Man in the World (Karanso District):
    If built on a desert tile without floodplains, all units receive +1 Great Merchant Points per kill. All adjacent Desert & Desert Hill tiles yield +1 Gold.

    -- Maori
    Royal Maoi:
    After constructing the Pa district, the Maori can build the Colossal Head Improvement. Colossals adjacent to the coast swap their faith bonus for +2 culture instead.

    (Q) +1 Faith +1 Production to all tiles within 3 tiles of any Government Plaza, including those built by rival nations.

    (Q)(Tsikhe) Can be hard-built without prereqs. Alternatively, is received free in cities with Walls.

    Tamarian Mythos: Great Works of Writing yield +4 Faith.

    (Q) Cree cities are always loyal. +1 Trade Route capacity and a free Trader with Pottery. Unclaimed tiles within 4 tiles of a Cree city come under Cree control when a Trader moves through them.

    Land of the Grand Path: +5% Food and +5% Faith per city-state you are the Suzerain of.

    -- Mongolia
    (Q) The Art of Fear: Any major civ at war with you loses -2 Loyalty per turn in all cities.

    Spoils of the East: Receive 100 Gold when this player captures a city with a world wonder.

    The Great Raid: Receive an extra Keshig upon training completion.

    Subutai: All cavalry units adjacent to Great Generals ignore both rivers & hills, and gain unobstructed vision.

    -- Korea
    Chaebol: Ecstatic cities with a Research Lab generate +15% Gold during Golden Ages.

    Haengju: During Dark Ages, Hwachas can attack twice while stationed within your borders.

    -- Scotland
    (Q) Guardian of Scotland: Receive free Walls when you conquer a city, even if the city lacks the prerequisite Barracks or Stable.

    Education Act of 1496: Cities with a University produce +1 Great Writer points during Golden Ages.

    Thrill of the Game: Buildings for the Entertainment Complex now yield culture.

    -- Germany
    (Q)Miracle on the Rhine: For every district beyond the third built in any city, gain +1 Production for all cities.

    Wunderwaffe: Building a Spaceport District grants one free Jet Fighter.

    (Q) When you capture a city, receive a Gold payout equal to 3 times your current Gold per turn.

    -- England
    (Q) Monarch Revival: The Royal Navy Dockyard no longer replaces the Harbor, but serves as a supplement to it. It receives +2 Housing and Gold adjacency bonuses similar to a Harbor. It does not count against population limits of the city. Unlocks at the Naval Tradition civic.

    (Q) Royal Conscripts: Receive a free melee unit when you settle a city on the coast or anywhere on another continent.

    Center of the World: (Certain resources provide a bonus)
    Tea: +2 Influence points per turn.
    Coffee: +8% Science in all cities.
    Tobacco: +1 Culture for all Trade Routes.
    Citrus: Naval units heal +10 health per turn in neutral waters.
    Having all four increases war-weariness accumulation by 60%.

    -- Russia
    Q) Tsarist Autocracy: Receive 5% less boost from Civic and Tech Eurekas. Receive 1 extra Trade Route slot per Industrial Zone in Tundra.

    (Q) Radium Institute: +2 free Uranium starting in the Atomic era. Receive +1 Production per Tundra Hill adjacent to your Industrial Zones.

    -- Japan
    Electronics Factories gain the MITI Agency bonus when you acquire Copper, Silver, Aluminum, Mercury, and Diamond.

    MITI Agency: +1 points towards Great Scientists, Great Engineers, and Great Merchants. +1 Gold & +1 Science for each Trade Route.

    (Q) Fudai Daimyo: +1 point per turn toward Great Generals for every Encampment, Holy Site, and Theater District owned.

    (Q) Bushido: Samurai cannot be seen unless adjacent to an enemy unit.

    -- Arabia
    (Q) House of Wisdom: Automatically receive the last available Great Prophet. +1 Science and +3 Gold per foreign city following your religion..

    (Q) Islamic Golden Age: Cannot build Commercial Hubs. Receive Trade Routes from Campuses and Holy Sites instead of Commercial Hubs and Harbors. +5 Gold in cities with both a Campus and a Holy Site.

    Guardians of the Flame: Each Madrasa boosts Trade Route yields by +2 Faith and +1 Science.

    -- Sumeria
    (Q) Masons of Uruk: Now provides +1 Production to adjacent Industrial Zones, as if it were a Mine or Quarry.

    (Q) Hymn of Humbaba: In addition, you have +10 combat strength when fighting Barbarians.

    (Q) Trade Wagon Chassis: This unit now requires Foreign Trade civic to build.

    (Q) Receive 20 Culture upon founding the capital, adjusted for game speed.

    Seeds of Greatness: Receive a free melee unit when you settle a city on another continent.

    -- China
    (Q) Fertile Borders: Receive +1 to the respective yield of any district for every two edges bordered by the Great Wall.

    Scholars of Tang: Niter is automatically revealed. When mined, yields +2 Culture and +3 Science.

    The Three Strategies: Combat victories in proximity of a Shigong yield science equal to 75% defeated unit strength.

    -- Athens
    (Q) Olympic Truce: +30% Production toward Districts when at peace with all major civs, changing to -10% Production toward Districts when at war with at least one major civ.

    Eleusinia: Great Scientists yield +2 Influence points per turn when studying (stationed) in Acropolis districts

    (Q) All Hoplites: +10 Combat Strength vs Melee units.

    -- Sparta
    Agoge: Stationing military units on Encampments generates +2 Great General Points, +5% Military Production, and -10% City Growth.

    Hippeis: May form Corps much earlier than usual (Military Tradition).

    Spartan Hoplites: +10 Combat Strength vs Anti Cavalry, and gain XP twice as fast.

    -- Rome
    Castra Stativa: Victories within 2 tiles of a Roman Fort provide 40% Gold equal to the strength of the defeated unit. Provides +1 Great General points per turn.

    Servus Publicus: +1 Point towards Great Engineers and Great Merchants for each kill outside Roman territory.

    Vulcanalia: +5% Production per city-state you are the Suzerain of.

    -- Norway
    (Q) Wrath of Odin: Receive a free naval melee unit when you settle or conquer a city on the coast. Ships are not deterred by closed borders.

    (Q) Water-Borne: Longship has no tech prereqs.

    Howling Beasts of the North: Hirdmen intimidate lesser men, causing adjacent enemies to receive -5 Combat Strength.

    -- America
    (Q) Manifest Destiny: All land combat units now have +1 Vision, and tiles cost 20% less to purchase with Gold.

    Operation Paperclip: +333% Science if they have liberated a city in the past 3 turns.

    Pop-Culture Empire: After constructing a Film Studio, Neighborhoods in that city yield +1 point towards Great Musicians and Great Artists.

    -- Egypt
    (Q) Two-Spoke Speedster: This unit now has lower combat stats, but has +5 attack within your borders and can attack and move on the same turn.

    (Q) Mud of the Nile: Additional +15% Production for building along rivers.

    (Q) Darb El Arba: At Medieval Faires, unlock +4 relic slots in the Capital. At Humanism, unlock 1 free relic per city with an Ancient or Classical wonder.

    (Q) The Greater Mysteries: Sphinx improvement provides +1 Culture as an adjacency bonus for Theater Districts, and +1 Faith as an adjacency bonus for Holy Sites.

    -- Spain
    Treasure Guard: Can construct the Alcazar improvement after discovering Castles. The Alcazar yields +2 Gold and +1 Great Admiral points when adjacent to a Harbor.

    (Q) Scenic Route: +7 Gold bonus for Commercial Hubs adjacent to Natural Wonders.

    (Q)Spanish Inquisition: +4 Points toward Great Prophets for each kill. Units have +4 Strength versus opponents of enemy religions, and Siege units have +1 Movement within the borders of enemy religious cities. Inquisitors have +1 charge.

    -- France
    (Q) High Society: Chateau unlocks with Drama and Poetry. +1 Housing. Culture Bombs adjacent tiles. It begins providing Tourism at the Humanism civic.

    French Renaissance: Great Works of Writing yield +4 Science.

    (Q) Clouseau Bureau: +1 Diplomatic Visibility. Gain permanent visibility of other Civs capitals the turn after they discover Castles. Free Spy at Castles. +100% Production towards Spies, and new Spies gain a free promotion.

    -- Brazil
    (Q) Festival da Lua: Immediately gain 1 free Population in this city when either the Street Carnival or Copacabana is built.

    The Sugar Cycle: Lumber Mills gain +1 Gold & +1 Production for each adjacent Luxury Resource.

    (Q) Revolucao!: Can build the Brazilian Revolution project, which provides a huge one-time burst to Great People and unlocks the Brazilwood Camp improvement which provides +2 Gold to Rainforest tiles.

    -- Scythia
    Aquillian Blood: All Scythian units yield Gold equal to 20% of the defeated unit strength.

    (Q) Offer to Ares: Kurgans can be built outside of owned territory. Provides a dual role as a Fort, providing defense.

    (Q) Anti-Cavalry have +1 Moves.

    (Q) May spend Faith to purchase buildings for Commercial Hubs.

    For the Commonwealth! Receive a Civic boost when entering a new era.

    Quasi-Monarch Politics: Gain two additional Economic slots for government policies.

    -- Australia
    Great Reef Architecture: Each Wonder constructed reduces Great Person Patronage by 3% Gold and 3% Faith.

    Outback Winter: Resorts yield +5 Culture, and gain an additional +5 Gold when adjacent to a Wonder.

    World-Class Wildlife: Receive +1 Envoy instantly, and +1 Great Scientist points per turn after this player constructs a National Park.

    -- Persia
    Royal Road: All land Trade Routes have plunder immunity.

    God Kings: +15% Gold per city-state you are the Suzerain of.

    Spoils of Glory: Receive a Relic when this player captures a city with 2 or more specialty districts.

    Royal Tumba: Receive a Relic when a city reaches 3 districts.

    Land of Hidden Treasures: Your international Trade Routes provide +1 Culture and +1 Gold per Luxury resource improved at the destination.

    -- India
    (Q) Vedic Bushmen: Start with enough Faith to immediately found a Pantheon.

    Sons of the Sahya: Varu Elephants adjacent to a Sepoy gain +15 Combat Strength.

    (Q)Tirtha: Cities adjacent to at least 1 Stepwell have the housing bonus of coastal water..

    (Q) Receive a free Settler on completing a Holy Site in the Capital, and a free Builder for each Holy Site other than in the Capital.

    -- AZTEC
    (Q) Triple Alliance Economics: Builders start with -1 Charge. At the Divine Right civic, can construct the Templo Mayor National Wonder, which costs the city -4 Food per turn, but removes the penalty to Builders, adds a global +50% Production bonus toward Tlachtali, and provides a free Builder when you complete an Entertainment Complex.

    Glory of Tonatiuh: All tiles adjacent to a Wonder yield +2 Faith, +2 Culture, and +2 Science. These bonuses do not stack.

    (Q) Divine Ballcourt: Serves as a Wall, providing defense and allowing the City Center to perform an attack even if actual Walls are not present.


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