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Solar System terrain 2016-10-05

I needed this terrain for a Star Trek mod I'm making, but I guess it can be used for a whole lot of other SciFi scenario's. As you can see it is based on Vadus' space terrain.
For as far as I have tested it I must give a couple of remarks:

* It is not always easy to use this terrain in the sense that you need to shift the planets quite a bit to have the right ones in the right spot.
* On some positions it is possible that a part of the planet is missing (for the 2x2 planets). Putting it a little further should solve it.
* Astroids ('jungle') and the 1x1 planets ('Rocky planets') tend to get parts of Jupiters around them. This can be solved either by putting the planet a bit further or by giving it a moon ('Snow-capped mountains').

ps: sorry that the names of the astroids and moon terrain are a bit off, but I couldn't find where to change it. The other planets do have the right names.

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