Solitaire Sandbox 0.9 beta

A peaceful SimCity-like game mode with almost no RNG. Play solo or challenge the world!

  1. MyopicCat
    Solitaire Sandbox removes AI opponents, city states, barbarians and almost everything else with randomness in the game. The result is a peaceful solitaire game mode focused on economy building. Use it solo to improve the efficiency of your gameplay, or play an initial start you find online and compete against hundreds of other players in a contest purely determined by skill.

    See this thread for a practice challenge, and compare your solution with that of other players. Can you reach 200 production per turn faster than 83 turns on that map?

    Unzip into the mod folder, i.e. make everything look like this:
    \Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods\Solitaire Sandbox\[13 files]

    Restart Civilization, go to the main menu under Additional Content, disable all other mods and enable Solitaire Sandbox. Create a new game, go to Advanced Setup and choose one of the three Solitaire Sandbox options in the Ruleset dropdown menu. Then configure other options however you want. See screenshot below.

    Mod features in detail
    • Removes all AI players.
    • Disables city states, barbarians and goody huts by default, but there are options to re-enable them.
    • Adds a drop-down menu to select how many city states to place on the map (if any).
    • Since some types of Great People (Scientists, Engineers and Merchants) have very different effects and power levels, the mod by default limits them so only one specific person of each type can appear per era. Alternatively, the game can be played with all (random) Great People as usual, or with none at all.
    • Adds an option to reveal the map on turn 1.
    • Removes all standard victory conditions except the science victory (the others make no sense without opponents).
    • Adds new per-turn victory conditions (production, science, culture, faith, gold) and a total population victory. With this mod, "victory condition" should be read as "ending condition", but victory cutscenes and menus are shown as usual.
    • Adds current empire-wide population and production per turn to the top status bar.
    • Adds two new map sizes smaller than Duel ("Solitaire" and "Sandbox"), appropriate for quick solo play.
    I believe that the only remaining sources of randomness after these changes are city tile expansions and which techs/civics get boosted from the remaining Great People. Please correct me if I have overlooked anything else!

    Fun fact: if you play Arabia, the "last prophet" will spawn on turn 2. Feel free to delete him if you think that is too gross. :)

    Great People that can appear in Solitaire Sandbox (with default settings)
    • All Prophets, Generals, Admirals, Artists, Writers and Musicians can appear as usual.
    • Scientists: Aryabhata, Omar Khayyam, Emilie du Chatelet, James Young, Alan Turing, Erwin Schrödinger, Abdus Salam.
    • Engineers: Isidore of Miletus, Filippo Brunelleschi, Gustave Eiffel, Robert Goddard, John A Roebling, Wernher von Braun.
    • Merchants: Marcus Licinius Crassus, Irene of Athens, Raja Todar Mal, John Spilsbury, John Rockefeller, Levi Strauss, Estée Lauder.
    The mod is fairly extensive, so expect limited compatibility with other mods. I will begin compiling a list of the compatibility status of other major mods during the next few days, and list the results here.

    Recommended mods to go along with Solitaire Sandbox
    My other two mods for Civ 6, Research Reminder and More Autosaves were made with this mod in mind. (Recommendations for mods by other people will appear here when I have tested them.)


Recent Reviews

  1. Vandlys
    Version: 0.9 beta
    Just FYI, this mod does not work with R&F because R&F is selected as a scenario (for whatever reason). So playing an R&F Civ with this mod is impossible.

    Pre-R&F review
    - Note to work with Australian Summer update-
    Using city states in this mod after the Australian Summer update requires you to use the new slider, and put the city states in the added column (which the mod adds) to zero. Hope that helps : )

    The mod lets you change a lot of the settings still, like: playing with or without barbarians, number of city states, no city states, barbarians yes or no, tribal villages yes or no, all the map scripts including modded ones, etc.
    It just feels extremely relaxing and is easy to use.

    I can confirm that the following mods are compatible with Solitaire Sandbox:
    8 Ages of Pace
    All Resources Harvestable
    Better Trade Screen
    Detailed Worlds
    Diplomatic Total
    Even Moar Units Aztec
    Even Moar Units Hooves and Holy War
    Even Moar Units Poland
    GDG Build GreatWall Outside
    Lumbermills for Rainforests
    Moar Units
    Replace Trays with Trees (although you can get stuck when done with culture, beware)
    Research Reminder
    Sink Those Transports
    TCS Customizable Warmonger Penalties
    TCS Improved Water Yields
    TCS More Barbarian XP
    TCS Raging Barbarians
    Tomatekhs Historical Religions
  2. Admiranda
    Version: 0.9 beta
    Playing in this way is so soothing and de-stressing. Thank you for the wonderful mod, and the cheap therapy!
  3. DanaLea
    Version: 0.9 beta
    This is AWESOME. My favorite part of Civ is exploring and building my city and expanding. I find the other AI civs almost annoying and I try to choose mods and settings that limit their interference in my game. :) So THANK YOU for this. I'll let know you know if I run into any issues playing.