Some Flags for ripple01 (DECAL) 2016-10-05

Some Flags for ripple01 (DECAL)

  1. veBear
    Here's some flags I made for ripple01. Deadline was actually more than a month ago, so sorry 'bout that...

    Anyway, they're based on Sweden, the Hittites, Polynesia and the Franks from Civ5 (some of them only avaible in scenarios). Only sweden have semi-correct colours in pic... I were to lazy to get the civ5 colours, so I just assigned them to different civ4 civs (Sweden-France, Hittite-Maya, Polynesia-Inca and Franks-HRE). All of them are DECAL flags.

    Enjoy :king:

    PM me if you got any questions


    1. flagsforripple01_IH0.jpg