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Southern New England 2016-10-05

Southern New England

  1. chucktheparrot
    [I originally uploaded this to the Steam Workshop but at the request of a few I uploaded it here]

    This is a map of southern New England, a region in the northeastern United States. Resources are scattered and/or certain resources might appear at all, in that case makes it even more interesting. If it doesn't work, message me. It features southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and eastern Connecticut. I tried to be accurate, I really did. Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket Island and Narragansett Bay were such a pain to make.

    You can recreate the colonialization of America circa 1620 or you can rewrite history! Forests are everywhere and numerous marshes. Due to the absence of some strategic resources, the military strategy on this map is very odd and challenging. Spawns are random, you could get lucky and spawn in what would be Rhode Island or southern Massachusetts. If you spawn on Martha's Vineyard, you have a better chance than if you started out on Nantucket Island (or what is part of it). Spawning on the Cape would provide you with plenty of ocean tiles and if done properly, an unstoppable naval defense. Ground defense there is easy, make sure you set up cities and military units at the lower part of the Cape. I tried playing this map, and it has a fun strategy!


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