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Soviet Russian General Pack v3.0 2016-10-05

This is a Modern Soviet Russian General (Warlord) Pack for Civ4 (Updated to v3.0 on 10-May-08).

Based on the default Modern General, I changed the colors from green to that of the soviet summer field uniform, I did what I could with the detail work, reworking the tunic with a new cut, field marshal's collar tabs, shoulder boards, sleeve chevrons & breast medals... the pants received red piping & a new buckle, while the cap got a new cocarde and red trim. All rank insignia is based on the Soviet Field Marshall.

New to v2.0, the selection has tripled in size... you now have THREE Russian Generals to choose from. Because there were so many uniforms and uniform combinations (and I made a rank-insignia error in v1.0), I decided to revisit this unit and redo my original and add two more based on some help from Walter Hawkwood.

New to v3.0, caucasian skin tones.

The three Generals now available are:
1) Summer Field Uniform (default) - light green with Marshall rank on shoulder boards.
2) Summer Field Uniform w/blue pants - same as above but with blue pants.
3) Early WWII Field Uniform - dark green tunic w/blue pants, Marshall rank on collar tabs and sleeve.

Also, all three models have had the riding crop deleted (symbol of the bourgeoisie west has been eliminated!)

All needed files, including animation are included in the download.

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