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Soviet Steel MGE 2016-10-05

Soviet Steel MGE

  1. CurtSibling


    After the successful assassination of Hitler in July 1944, Germany was flung into revolution headed by the Army to break the power of the SS. The rebellious General Corps,
    led by Erwin Rommel of the German Panzerwaffe, took control of Berlin and called for an immediate surrender. Germany was put under swift Allied protection by the UK and USA,
    among other powers. Being excluded from the deal, the USSR was immediately belligerent. A furious Stalin felt cheated by the Western Allies. Secretly, he planned vengeance
    and to finish the work of the Soviet Revolution. This entailed domination of the European continent under the baleful 'Communist Democratic peace'...War against the Allied
    powers...Obviously this threat must be challenged. Germany and neighbouring Poland have became the focus of a massive military build-up between the two power blocs...

    Total peace or total destruction? What happens next is up to you!

    Please note: This scenario is for CIV2 MGE.


    The battle lines are drawn - Will WW3 devastate the already battered Europe?

    Check the ReadMe file to get details on how to play!


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