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Space Race: World 2016 Mod 2016-10-05

Space Race: World 2016 Mod

  1. Darth Revan
    Hello everybody,

    I am happy to upload my new Barbarian King's modmod I called "Space Race: World 2016".
    The scenario included in the mod is similar to what I uploaded two weeks ago called Tensions Arising, but with a twist very important this time: in the scenario now is enabled the Space Victory. I took as inspiration the historical facts that happened during the Cold War, when the US and USSR faced each other in the space race (space race was important as much as the nuclear weapons race during the Cold War). So with this scenario I again proposed the idea of ​​the space race in which the current superpower face off for the victory.
    In the scenario now all others modality of victory have been disabled, with the exception of diplomatic victory, which I have decided to leave to give a slight chance of victory for all those who wish to play with smaller civilizations.
    Another very important aspect of the scenario is that the various nations of the world are locked in a permanent peace, so now it is not possible to use the strategy of elimination of civilization that were to be the lead in building the spacecraft.
    However, I have changed the unit "Special Forces", which now have hidden nationality hidde and can attack without declaring war, making them an excellent weapon to destroy the improvements of your rivals and thus slow down the construction of their spacecraft. Furthermore, these units can be produced in unlimited quantities.
    Another important way to slow down the production of the spacecraft of your rivals is also to use the spies for missions of sabotage. In fact I left unchanged the values ​​of espionage of the scenario "Tensions Arising".
    By this way, you'll then two means to slow the space race your rivals. But be careful! Even your opponents will do the same, so the advice I can give you is to equip yourself as soon as possible of spies and special forces.
    I left the civilizations of the terrorists, although it is impossible to win taking them now they play a marginal role in the scenario, but they can still bother you destroying your improvements and with the various terrorist attacks in your cities. So although their destruction is no more important for the victory, it is on your headache to decide whether or not to crush them. They are a sort of “better organized barbarians” as well.
    In the mod I added a new space soundtrack to give you an unique experience of gaming and to get you involved in the space race! :):):):):):):):):):):)

    Have fun!!!


    1. mod_logo_4tS.jpg
    2. mission_to_mars_project_v67.jpg
    3. spaceship_screen1_13C.jpg
    4. spaceship_production_vDd.jpg
    5. tech_tree_fQi.jpg
    6. spaceship_screen2_6Gy.jpg
    7. special_forces_hidden_nationality_A41.jpg
    8. planetsider_ywr.jpg
    9. spaceship_launch_2_uui.jpg
    10. stasis_chamber_fRN.jpg