Space Suit Infantry 2016-10-05

Space Suit Infantry

  1. The_Coyote
    Had a bit time (not really, but the right mood) to make a model. Nothing really fancy, but perhaps someone has use for it. It´s a Space Suit Infantry.

    The space suit is based on the infantry mesh (i only did some minor changes), the weapon is a mesh created after the design of the ff cruiser (iirc Zerver first had the idea to use the cruiser mesh as weapon)

    uses infantry animation (best use a copy without the fidget.kf)

    the model has 679 vertices, 750 triangles (incl weapon)

    unit: 128 diff, 64 gloss (white (base), red and gray skin - used is
    weapon: 64 diff (resized cruiser texture), 32 gloss, 32 glow




    1. demo_Uv5.jpg
    2. demo_all_V1F.jpg