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Spanish Ancient Age Unit Pack (Iberian Tribes) 2016-10-05

Spanish Ancient Age Unit Pack (Iberian Tribes)

  1. Bakuel
    Some flavor units for Spain's ancient age. These units are pretty historically accurate and are supposed to represent the native Iberian tribes from the time around the Punic Wars.

    Animation directions are in the zip.


    1. spainishancientagepic1_sqU.jpg
    2. spainaxemanpic1_vA1.jpg
    3. spainisharcherpic1_zUS.jpg
    4. spainishspearmanpic1_g4U.jpg
    5. spainspearmangreekhelpic1_EWc.jpg
    6. spainswordsmanpic1_AHd.jpg
    7. spainjavalinpic1_jY6.jpg
    8. spainhorsemanplumepic1_692.jpg
    9. spainhorsemanplumepic1_68d.jpg