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Spanish Civil War for Test of Time 2016-10-05

Spanish Civil War for Test of Time

  1. Catfish
    Pablostuka's Spanish Civil War scenario for MGE converted to Test of Time.

    When the leading Generals of the Spanish Army led their troops into a revolt against the Republican Government on 18th July 1936, they expected little opposition to their coup d'etat. They were, however, mistaken. The supporters of the Government proved to be much stronger than expected and as a result Spain experienced three years of bloody Civil War.

    It was a war of contradictions and political in-fighting. Both sides experienced problems in retaining the support of groups or political parties that were, more often than not, in violent opposition with one another.

    Can be played in single-player mode as either the Republicans or the Nationalists, or as a 2-player game.​


    [tot] Civilization 2: Test of Time version 1.1​

    • Extract the archive into your main Test of Time folder.
    • Run GCE.bat to complete the setup before playing.
    • Under Graphic Options (Ctrl+P), disable Animated Units.

    Save all games in the Spanish Civil War scenario folder.​

    Updated 24-Dec-2010:

    Updated batch file to remove Choice.com dependency - not before time. Choice.com is incompatible with 64-bit operating systems.​


    1. tot_scw_map_x5l.png
    2. tot_scw_scene1_Whi.png