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ToT Scenario Conversion

  1. gapetit
    A scenario dedicated to the volunteers of the International Brigades

    by Jesús Balsinde

    In the dawn of July 17, 1936, the garrison of Morocco (then a Spanish possession), rebels under the leadership of General Francisco Franco, and this is followed by military risings throughout mainland Spain. Within a few days, Franco's Moorish troops and legionnaires are at the gates of Madrid. At first, the European powers agree to adopt an attitude of non-intervention. However, the Spanish Civil War soon ceases to be a strictly Spanish affairwhen large contingents of men, arms and equipment pour into Spain from allsides. The rebels, autoproclaimed "Nationalists" receive considerable military aid from Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, without which they would have neverwon the war. The legitimate government of Spain, left alone by the European democracies, turns his sights into the USSR, from which it obtains materials and equipment. Manpower comes in the form of International Brigades (some 35,000 men), who volunteer from all around the world to come to Spain to fight against Fascism. After the initial successes of the Nationalists, the territories held by both sides are roughly equal in extent. The continuous attempts of Franco to storm Madrid and cut its railroad communications with Valencia and the Mediterranean sea repeatedly fail. But it is only a matter of time. After three years of heroic resistance, with shortenings of everything, Madrid falls. With the fall of Madrid, the Republican forcescapitulate. On April 1, 1939, the war is over and Franco installs himself as "Caudillo" and "savior" of Spain. The victory, but not the peace, begins.

    ToT conversion and changes by Gapetit