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Spartan Red Cloak Spearman 2016-10-05

Spartan Red Cloak Spearman

  1. ambrox62
    Spartans don't ask HOW MANY the enemy are...

    ...but WHERE they are.


    I've released TWO versions of a spartan red cloak spearman: a gloss one and a no-gloss version. Choose which you prefer and use it at your pleasure.

    Both versions are fully playable with nifscope, have both shader and no-shader nif and all strictly needed art files.
    The package also contains a animation folder for convenience, but you may use firaxis BTS CM Papal Spearman animations.
    Also use firaxis BTS CM Papal Spearman XML art define.

    Use this THREAD to post comments or questions, or to visit my collection of Classical Age units


    1. spartans_gloss_00w.jpg
    2. spartans_nogloss_qOz.jpg