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Special Forces 2016-10-05

Special Forces

  1. SamSniped
    SPECIAL FORCES (Version 1.2)
    The mod that improves the special units of Civilization IV

    Spoiler Disclaimer :
    This is my first mod, and although it is still a work in progress, all parts that are in the mod work. Anything in [brackets] I am trying to get to work. Changes are in bold. Enjoy!

    This mod will be for making each Civilization have a good UU. For example, the Babylonian Bowman will soon be given a +100% bonus versus Melee units instead of the old bonus, making them viable for use. Other Civilizations get new UUs that are made from new units I have added.

    • UAV-Air unit(Recon Class), 14 range, 10 strength
    • Special Forces-Land unit(Gunpowder Class), 30 strength, 1 movement, Can paradrop(range of 6), Can see Snipers
    • Spetsnaz- Land Unit(Gunpowder Class), UU for Russia(Replaces Special Forces), 32 strength, 1 movement, Can paradrop (range of 6), Can see Snipers
    • Sniper- Land Unit(Recon Class), 28 strength, 2 movement, +50% versus Gunpowder units, Invisible to most units.
    • Modern Marine- 30 strength, +20% vs Gunpowder Units, +50% versus Mobile Artillery, starts with Amphibious, Requires Industrialism and Assembly Line
    • Modern AT Infantry- 28 strength, +25% vs Armored Units, Starts with Pinch
    • Mechanized Infantry- now is an armored unit
    • AT Infantry- now upgrades to Modern AT Infantry
    • SAM Infantry/Mobile SAM-no longer upgrades from normal infantry, get a small bonus versus Armored Units.
    • Navy SEAL- graphics were updated, now no longer upgrades from Marine(it is now an upgrade for the Special Forces), 30 strength, can paradrop (range of 8), keeps bonuses it got from Marine upgrade.
    • The Keshik no longer requires Archery.
    • The Landsknecht now replaces the Maceman unit and gets a 50% bonus versus melee units while retaining the bonus versus Mounted Units
    • Vishap Infantry (UU for Armenia, Archery unit, replaces swordsman)- 6 strength, 1 :move, 40 hammers, 1 First Strike chance, 10% Withdraw Chance, +50% Hills strength, +25% vs. Melee units, 1 bombard range, 3 bombard strength, 75% max bombard damage
    • Thorakitai (UU for Seleucia, replaces Swordsman)- 6 strength, 1 move, 50 hammers, +100% vs. Mounted Units, +10% vs. Melee Units, 1 upkeep
    • Sarmatian Noble (UU for Bosporans, replaces Archer)- 3 strength, 2 movement, 20 hammers, 1 bombard range, 3 bombard strength, 75% max bombard damage

    • Khachkar (UB for Armenia, replaces Monument)- 30 hammers, +3 culture, +1 :) if leader is Charismatic
    • Seleukion (UB for Seleucia, replaces Corthouse)- 120 hammers, +2 espionage, -50% City Maintenance, +1 trade route, +1 Spy Specialist slot
    • Agora (UU for Bosporans, replaces Market)- 150 hammers, +25% gold, +15% beakers, +2 Scientist Specialist slots, +1 :) from Fur, Silk, Ivory, and Whale

    • Armenia: 3 leaders- Andranik (CHA/PRO), Ashot I (SPI/PRO), Tigranes II (EXP/IMP); UU- Vishap Infantry; UB- Kachkar
    • Bosporans: 1 leader- Pharnaces II (PHI/FIN); UU- Sarmatian Noble; UB- Agora
    • Cleopatra VII (Egypt, SPI/CHA)
    • Seleucia: 1 leader- Seleucus (EXP/IMP); UU- Thorakitai; UB- Seleukion

    • Counter-Sniper- +50% versus Recon Units, [reveals Sniper to that unit], requires Combat II

    • Nomadic-+100% gold from pillaging, enemies can't pillage or capture gold inside your Cultural Borders, double the producion speed of stables/Gers; given in place of Agressive to Kublai Khan and Genghis Khan.

    • Long Range Mod by topsecret was added, so now although Archery and some Siege units require buildings, they (and Naval units post-Optics) can attack enemy unts and bring their health down to 0.1 by bombardment. Along with this came a new unit- the Onager (a catapult with increased range and no limit to damage done in combat).
    • War Prize ModComp by Mechaerik, chance for enemy boats to be captured in naval battles (even naval UUs)

    Other Stuff-
    • New Resource: SHRIMP! :p
    • Recon units can now get more promotions
    • Quote for Military Science changed
    • Buttons for all of the units and the Counter Sniper promotion but the UAV added
    • A scenario that I am using for my Civ4 story based on GEM 4.1, plus GEM 4.1 (both are under scenarios)
      [*]All of the Civilizations now have new flags
      [*]The interface has a few things added to it

    Just download the mod and unzip it into the MODS folder under My Documents-->My Games-->Beyond The Sword-->MODS, open Beyond the Sword, lick Load Mod under the Advanced tab, click Special Forces, and go!

    Questions? Suggestions? Love my mod? Go here to tell me!



    1. spetsnaz_7KU.jpg
    2. special_forces_m3q.jpg
    3. nomadic_trait_fI2.jpg
    4. new_units___landsknecht_TIX.jpg
    5. modernmarine_gMK.jpg
    6. modernatinfantry_0lO.jpg
    7. countersniperpromo_2zn.jpg