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Specialist Citizens 2016-10-05

Specialist Citizens

  1. georgestow
    Like my Sims 2 Priest, I have created some more specialist citizens using the Sims 2.
    In this pack there are 6 citizens: Banker, Hippie, Musician, Programmer, Slave and Teacher. I have only created pics for the eras which I'll be using them in. For example, slave comes with slavery in the ancient era, so there are pics for slave in all eras. However, hippie comes with hippie movement in the modern era, so there are only pics for the hippie in the modern era.
    My main problem is that I couldn't get pictures of any of them in any other emotions. Having a happy slave doesn't really seem 'right' to me, but it'll do.
    Also, the preview is pretty bad in comparison to the actual thing.


    1. specialist_citizens_0Su.jpg