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Stakhanov, Working Class Hero 2016-10-05

One for us socialists

A first working class hero. It was reported in August 1935 that he had mined a record 102 tons of coal in six hours (14 times his quota). He was celebrated as a "model Soviet worker" as part of an effort to encourage workers and peasants to surpass their own quotas. In Soviet history and iconography, a Stakhanovite (or shock-worker) follows the example of Aleksei Grigorievich Stakhanov, employing hard work or Taylorist efficiencies to over-achieve on the job. Stakhanov and other "model workers" were promoted in the press, literature, and film, and other workers were urged to emulate their heroic examples.

And comerad, remember to work hardest for our common goal! May Stalin be with you!

Have Fun, Ukas
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