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Stalingrad Redux by FMK converted for ToT 1.1

"Stalingrad Redux” by Field Marshal Klesh (aka FMK) converted for Test of Time and ToTPP 0.131

  1. tootall_2012
    “BACKGROUND: It's August of 1942, the German War machine has had yet another successful summer of campaigning in the Soviet Union. Fall Blau has met with mediocre success though, as it has failed to take the oil rich Caucusus Mountains and also failed to sweep to the east of Stalingrad and encircle the city. An attack at Stalingrad now would isolate any Soviet units to the South, as well as cut off the Volga River as a shipping lane.

    Rather than pressing on to Maikop and Grozny, Hitler instead decides to send you, Generaloberst Freidrich Paulus and your 6th Army straight into the cauldron itself...”

    OBJECT: The German player must follow the Führer's orders as to the progression of the Battle. OKW will assign targets, which must be captured in order to receive more divisions for the fight. This is a pure battle scenario, as there is no technology or empire development involved. The Führer will provide you with the needed materials, you must provide the leadership. Failure to do so may have grave consequences...

    The game is playable only as the Germans 6th Army under Paulus. The AI controls the Russian 62nd Army and Stalingrad Front.

    The original scenario can be found on the old Apolyton Civilisation website Website here.


    FMK originally intended to have the scenario play out in five distinct parts, I.'Outskirts', II. 'City In Flames', III. 'Counter-attack, IV. 'Breakthrough', V. 'Liquidation', but for reasons unknown to myself he apparently never had the opportunity to complete the last 2 parts.

    Instead, he completed these three distinct phases: Phase I "Outskirts", Phase II "City in Flames", Phase III "General Winter", which cover the opening battle up to the fight for the city itself. Thus it covers the period from late August, 1942 to mid November 1942, just prior to the great Soviet Operation Uranus counter-attack, which ultimately doomed the German 6th Army.

    Though the scenario was never fully completed in its intended form, the first 3 parts are fully fleshed out and as such remains both a challenging and thoroughly enjoyable game to play.


    The scenario has been made compatible to run on Test of Time and TheNamelessOne’s ToTPP (which includes the following features NoIncrementalRushBuy, NoStackKills, TerrainDefenseForAir, CityPopulationLossAttack, CityPopulationLossCapture and ProductionCarryOver).

    The timeframe which was initially set at 60 turns to cover all 5 parts, needed to be reduced to 31 turns to cover the 3 remaining phases that he completed.

    Though Stalingrad was conceived to be a battle scenario, it seems FMK never had the opportunity to assign the objective points to the various cities or set the scenario’s victory conditions. Given the historical outcome of the battle, it seemed fitting that nothing less than the total capture of Stalingrad prior to the Soviet counter-attack, which might have allowed Paulus to reconstitute a reserve to parry such an offensive, should be the condition for achieving a ‘decisive’ victory. Ultimately, whether that would have been sufficient to save Paulus’s command from its final fate we shall never know…

    Finally, very minor changes were made to the Stalingrad.txt and events3.txt files to correspond with the reduced timeframe of the updated ToT version of the scenario. The original German105mm Wespe SPA and Russian T-28 tank where swapped out with the more appropriate, for the period, siG 33B and T-34 Obr 41 units (and as such the corresponding rules.txt files were updated accordingly).

    Otherwise, the scenario should play and remain exactly the same as the original.


    To slightly increase the difficulty, only allow your air units to base and operate from the airfield tiles located around the map.

    Special Note:

    A special thank you to Fairline not only for the use of his latest collection of WWII German/Russian graphics, but for the set of units which he either updated or redesigned specifically for this scenario (amongst them Pavlov’s House, Russian Guard Sniper, Sig 33B, Sturmtruppen).

    Civilization 2: Test of Time 1.1
    ToTPP v0.131 (or 0.151) which can be found here.

    You may place the scenario folder in the root directory of your Test Of Time game


    1. Stalingrad_screen_1.png
    2. Stalingrad_screen_2.png

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