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Standard (80x52) World Map Pack 2016-10-05

Standard (80x52) World Map Pack

  1. Veneke
    Standard Sized Earth Maps for Civilization 5, including expansions.

    Key features:
    • Enlarged Europe and Japan.
    • Specific resource placement: Oil, Uranium and Aluminium can be difficult to find.
    • Localized luxury resource placement: You will need to go much further than usual to obtain a new luxury resource.
    • Up to 22 Civs and 17 City States.


    Extract to C:\Users\...\Sid_Meiers_Civilization_5\MODS
    Load Civ 5
    Navigate to the Mods section
    Activate Vens Standard Earth Maps
    Go to Set Up Game
    Select appropriate map
    Click Back
    Select Load Scenario
    Select Civilization and other settings

    • Vadus, for the base map. Resized from Large to Standard and adapted.
    • markusbeutel, for his kind permission in including the Diplomacy component of his Civilization NiGHTS mod.
    • bwoww78, for his valuable contributions to this map pack.

    The CivFanatics thread on this can be found here. The file is also available on the Steam Workshop.


    1. ven_s_world_map_minimap_1IA.png