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Standard Earth with ancient civs 2016-10-05

Standard Earth with ancient civs

  1. vibe96
    This is a standard sized Earth map (80x52) with 17 more or less ancient civilizations. The civs are:

    1) Rome
    2) Carthage
    3) Celts
    4) Greece
    5) Babylon
    6) Persia
    7) Egypt
    8) Huns
    9) Zulus
    10) Songhai
    11) China
    12) India
    13) Mongolia
    14) Incan
    15) Maya
    16) Iroquois
    17) Polynesia

    (Chosen by Lachlan)

    The map was originally made by smellymummy http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=392302, and it's loosely based on cordiform projection. I made some tweaks, including:
    - added a grassland tile on the tile where Istanbul is, to add a passeae between Europe and Asia
    - enlargened the big island of Hawaii, and added a mountain there
    - added some of the new natural wonders, but not all to make it more balanced (also removed the barringer crater)
    - Added/removed some resources, especially those introduced in G+K
    - Game speed set to standard
    - Other minor fixes

    Versions 2 and 3 include other fixes


    1. tshythtsrrthgfshg_kJd.png