Star Contact Part II: Star Wars Vs Star Trek Scenario (MGE)

Star Contact Part II: Star Wars Vs Star Trek Scenario (MGE) 1.0

A space based Star Wars vs Star Trek crossover scenario with high quality graphics by Nikola Kuprešanin. Gorgeous graphics but sadly the original scenario never had any custom sounds.

Mod files rescued from Atomic Network backups and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. Also there was no Title.gif so Blake added (an AWESOME) one for fun.

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This scenario is a sequel to Star Contact Part I: The Star Wars Scenario!

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Original Description/Intro:
^Two years after the Yuuzhan Vong was beaten, Imperial engineers, using the captured plans,
^constructed an intergalactic wormhole of their own. Located near Fondor systems, the giant
^imperial invasion fleet was awaiting for Emperor's command. Everything was ready for revenge.
^Imperial navigators expected that new wormhole will lead them straight to the galaxy where
^the Yuuzhan Vong was coming from. But, something has gone wrong. Imperial fleet indeed entered
^the new and unknown galaxy, but no Yuuzhan Vong trail was found. However, that shouldn't stop
^it to make an Emperor's dream come true: To make Galactic Empire, an Intergalactic Empire.
^Meanwhile, on the other side of the Milkyway, in the Delta Quadrant, The Borg finnaly succeded
^in creation of another wormhole. The one, which is going to lead them straight to the Alpha
^Quadrant, for it's finnal conquering. From now on, not even Federation, together with it's
^famous captain Jean Luc Picard, won't stand on their way.
^The Federation, on the other hand, has just entered a peaceful and prosperous era. Alpha Quadrant
^finnaly met a harmony between it's habbitants. It seemed, nothing can make this paradise collapse.
^But suddenly a group of fugitives emerged from nowhere, asking for help, and bringing with them
^message of their own far world. Their ships were powerful, but their fleet was small. They were
^led by brave and gifted princess. Soon, all the balance was about to change.
^The Alpha Quadrant was suddenly found stuck between the two powerful forces. Will it's dissenting
^forces be able to resist them? Can Federation neutralize these threats, and save the quadrant?
^Playable: Galactic Empire, The Borg, United Federation of Planets
^NOTE:Every side comes with it's special file. See the README file for instuctions.

Empire start:

Federation start:

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