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Star Control Scenario 1.1

An entire Star Control space adventure crammed into one massive awesome scenario

  1. Blake00
    Star Control Scenario for Civilization 2 MGE created by @Metro Polis

    Scenario discussions, comments, bug reports, feedback can be found here:

    Star Control 01.png Star Control 02.png

    Scenario Introduction:
    The Ur-Quan Masters

    There were many great battles. Earth and her
    partners in the Alliance of Free Stars against
    the evil Ur-Quan and its Hierarchy of Battle
    Thralls... and the Ur-Quan were winning.
    Meanwhile, on the edge of the known frontier,
    an amazing discovery was made far beneath
    the surface of an unexplored alien world -
    a huge underground city that vanished a
    thousand years ago.
    Isolating the planet, stranding the scientists
    light years away from Earth they waited
    hopefully for a rescue vessel... which never came.
    20 years have passed...
    We, the survivors of the research mission have
    colonized this world.We continued our
    investigation of the underground city and we
    have discovered its purpose. It is a factory...
    A factory for building starships!
    But there aren't enough materials to make a
    complete vessel. We can only finish the skeleton
    of one starship. But that must be enough -
    Because YOU must captain the vessel...
    and return to Earth!
    Find out what has happened over these many
    years. Tell Earth of our plight! And if the war
    with the Ur-Quan still rages...
    Fight for Earth and the Alliance, as well as you can...