A space based Star Trek scenario where large armadas battle over a large spiral galaxy by Mr Do.

Mod files downloaded from Web Archive backups and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. Also there was no Title.gif so Blake added one for fun.

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Original Description/Intro:
Okay, the year is 2600 (no, really) and five major governments are around in the Star Trek galaxy. These are:-

The Borg: The dreaded assimilators rule most of the Delta Quadrant and have some of the most powerful units available. Although at risk by invasion by species 8472 after 3 previous attemps to assimilate them, they are a force to be reckoned with.
Wonders: Borg Homewrold

The Dominion: Ruled by the Founders, the Dominion's territory includes a large amount of the Gamma Quadrant, and some of the Beta Quadrant, under the Cardassians' rule. Their invisible spies, the changelings, are able to penetrate any colony and find out about it's defences, while their Jem'Hadar soldiers remain loyal to their creators.
Wonders: The Obsidian Order, Great Ruins, Tetracel Production Facility, The Great Link, Dreadnought Project

The Klingon Confederation: After conquering the Romulans Star Empire in the 25th century, the Klingons became one of the most powerful nations in the galaxy, such that when contact was made with the Kazon in the late 26th century, they embraced an alliance giving them a foothold in the Delta Quadrant.
Wonders: Sword of Kahless, Sybok's Expedition, Reunification

The Ferengi Alliance: After wars with Cardassia and the Federation, the Ferengi Alliance was almost finished until they made contact with a large empire of Ferengi who left their homeworld centuries ago to find a greater power. Now, with a large number of colonies in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, their greed is as voracious as ever.
Wonders: Grand Nagus, Divine Treasury, The F.C.A.

The United Federation of Planets: Anti-Starfleet propaganda given out by the Kazon, Ferengi and Dominion has meant that the Federation has not expanded as greatly as other nations. Still remaining a powerful collective of worlds, President Norton has declared that he will make the Federation great again.
Wonders: Daystrom Institute, Prophets, Starfleet Academy, Scotty's Construction Yard, Sarek's Embassy, McCoy's Medical Institute, Sisko's Wormhole Discovery, Shakespeare's Theater, Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Spock's Unified Worlds,

Plus, two other states, combined of many other races, who have chosen to remain neutral, up to a point. These include the Vidiians, Breen, Krenim and other races locted all around the galaxy.

The game plays like the Jules Verne scenario in some respects. Some alien cities exist, holding great technologies and great repute. Plus, there are disasters that will affect each civilisation, bur they may not occur. But when the Voth try to reclaim Earth, or the Tetracel-white that controls the Dominion's Jem-Hadar soldiers runs, or worse, you will have a job to repel the enemy. And if you are wondering how all the starships are represented and if you'll have to spend three days moving all your ships per turn, don't worry, as your starships are represented by a number of fleets.


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