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Star Trek Flags 2016-10-05

Star Trek Flags

  1. Mozza
    This is a flag set designed for Deanej's forthcoming Star Trek Mod. The Civs included are:

    United Federation of Planets
    Klingon Empire
    Romulan Star Empire
    Cardassian Union
    Ferengi Alliance
    Borg Collective
    Kazon Collective
    The Nineteen Tribes Of Hirogen
    Vidiian Sodality
    Breen Confederacy
    Krenim Imperium*
    Devore Imperium

    The Dowload includes flags, matching buttons, and two text files. One is a note on how to include these flags, and the other is the values that would need to be set in CIV4ColorVals.XML in order to have Team Colour almost exactly match the background colour of the flag/button.

    *I could find no reference to a symbol or banner for the Krenim Imperium, so Deanej suggested that some use was made of the diamond shape that appears to be significant to them. The Krenim flag was thus entirely made up by myself featuring the diamond motif.

    Feedback welcome in the Comments Thread