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Star Trek Mod, v 0.9.0 Beta, 7z 0.9.0

The Star Trek Mod, version 0.9.0, Beta, with XL map included.

Accompanying Music & Sound Effects Addon can be found here:

It's been in the works for years now, and has seen at least three separate growth spurts, but it's finally here!
New features include:
-New units: at least 30 new Federation. Cardassian, Ferengi, or Minor Civ units have been added!
-Less Civs: A few Minor Civs have been kicked off, but this means stronger and more powerful Major Civs!
-Newly Balanced: Terrain and units have gone through many sessions of testing, and should give the best gameplay possible!
-Civilopedia Entries: Most of the Buildings, Wonders, and Techs now have more descriptive Civilopedia entries!
-Cloaking Makeover: Romulan (and later Klingon) Ships are invisible to other civs before the late TOS Era, and can select the ship they wish to attack from stacks!
-Defensive Cruisers: Before now, cruisers were just another attack vessel. They have been changed to be instead a primary defensive ship, making them more important in invasions!
-And Much More!

Notes: The map is not a complete one. It is not balanced.

Click 'Dowload Now' and you will be redirected to an Atomic Gamer Download site. From there select one of the Public Servers they have available, and the DL should begin after a short wait. The file is in a .7z file so you will have to DL a winzip program that can open that type of file. After that, the Readme.txt will guide you the rest of the way. If you have any questions, post at one of the following forums:
The Star Trek v0.9.0 Forum:
The original Star Trek Forum:

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