A cool space based Star Trek TNG DS9 Voy Era scenario by Joseph Santurri. Winner of multiple awards on CivFanatics here and here!

Mod files rescued from Apolyton backups and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. Missing sounds download located by Blake and added to zip.

File added to this area as part of Blake's lost scenario/mod files restoration & cataloging project which can be found here:

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Original Description/Intro:
Welcome to Star Trek Wars, in this scenario you are President of the United Federation of Planets. As such, it rests in your hands to deliver it from peril, and peril is everywhere. While the Dominion/Cardassian war continues to rage, a new threat from an old enemy (the Borg) threatens to weaken the alliance. This game should be played as the Federation, playing any other civilization might crash the game.
I have painstakingly gone over every aspect of the game to truly give it a real Star Trek feel; nothing has been left untouched. Including terrain, Cities (External and internal), units, menus, pop-up text and so on. Did I do all the work my self - absolutely...Not. Why? When there are so many talented people out there who have already done such nice work. Whenever it was better to use something created by another person I used it (especially units). I took the very best of the best, did what I could to even improve them - when needed, added many graphics, sound and text myself and put them all in a nice package.
What kind of package you may ask? Well first of all finally a CivII Star Trek that takes place in SPACE I mean space that looks like real space. Instead of cities there are planets - Each Race has it's own specific planet type (I take special pride of my job with the Borg planets). Macro events that add surprises and richness to the story line. A great variety of player specific starships, that have different strengths and weaknesses. Terrific sound effects, that add realness to combat. A map of the galaxy according to Star Trek; Klingons, Romulans (neutral zone and all), Ferengi, Cardassians, Borgs, Dominion/Breen in the alpha and gamma quadrant (accessible only through control of the Bajorian wormhole). There is also a bonus race, the tholians, they take the place of the barbarians and there are some real advantages to being the first to occupy their planets (special units). Combine this with completely redone game text files (All of them) and a great story and that is what you have here waiting to be played. I even provided you with two pretty little icons for it. Thanks for downloading it; I hope you enjoy it.


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  1. Missing sounds found and added to zip

    Missing sounds found and added to zip
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