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Star Trek 2016-10-05

Star Trek

  1. deanej
    Last Updated: 7/27/11

    This mod* is a total conversion of Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword to Star Trek. You can play as one of 25 Star Trek civilizations, starting with a "city" and a deep space probe and are tasked with building a civilization to stand the test of time. Like the Final Frontier scenario for BtS, there are space features such as black holes, asteroids, and solar systems. Unlike Final Frontier, concepts such as Great People, unique units, etc. are back in the game**. This mod also has scenarios such as Deep Space Nine and Xindi Attack that let you play out specific events in the Star Trek universe.

    *This is actually a mod-mod of the Final Frontier scenario. But is has its own mod-mods, so let's just call it a mod to keep things simple, OK?

    **Corporations and random events are not in the game.

    Requires the Beyond the Sword expansion pack (windows version) with the 3.19 patch and the language in the game set to English.

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