Star Wars: Dark Side Modpack (CiC) 1.0

An old Star Wars modpack with many custom units by Lord Fabiano.

  1. Blake00
    An old Star Wars modpack with many custom units by Lord Fabiano.

    Mod files downloaded from Web Archive backups and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. Also there was no Title.gif so Blake made one from Fabiano's cool website for fun.

    Original mod homepage backup can be found here:

    File added to this area as part of Blake's lost scenario/mod files restoration & cataloging project which can be found here:

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    Original Description/Intro:
    It is a mod about the Empire, inspired in the Star Wars
    Everything was taken from the Star Wars films and novels.
    Some people can't agree with my judgement about the units
    and advances, but I try to be the most realistic as possible,
    without losing the feel that you are in the Core Worlds.

    The elements used in the mod, was taken from the films and
    novels. I tryed to be the most real to them.
    From the Mods and scenarios on the net, I use some gifs. I
    thank: Empire Mod, Star Wars, The Allicons by Harlan, Ultimate
    Civii Collection of Units, StarWarsUnits By Dan Kaleta, New Star
    Wars Units by BP( If anyone knows his name, please mail me); they
    made a great work Sorry if I forget someone. I use some advances,
    improvements, and wonders names too.
    I can only thanks then, and hope I don't angry anyone.