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Star Wars Mod v0.65 2016-10-05

From the Star Wars Mod team:

Main Designer/programmer:Civmansam
Graphics Design:Rabbit Alex
XMl/Python programming: Shqype
XMl/Python programming: NEW_rome
Jack of All Trades: Woodelf
Ideas and info: DonStamos

Percentages Done:
Civilizations: 100%
Leaders: 100%
Religions: 60%
Techs: 100%
Civics: 90%
Units: 70%
Buildings: 0%
Recorces/Improvements: 0%
Maps: 25%
Scenarios: 0%
Other Stuff: 50%
Total Done:65% about

Forum Thread:

Download Mirror:

Spoiler Changelog :
Version 0.1 (New Trilogy Version)

-Added The Galactic Senate as a playable Civ
-Added The Confederate Separatists as a playable Civ

Version 0.15 (Bug fix)

-Changed Flags and buttons
-Changed favorite civic of Palpatine to Despotism

Version 0.2 (Indengious People Version)

-Added Wookies as a civ
-Fixed some civilopedia stuff

Version 0.3 (Original Trilogy Version)

-Added The Galactic Empire as a Civ
-Added The Rebel Alliance as a Civ
-Added Empire as a civic
-Adde New title Screen

Version 0.4 (Kotor Version)

-Added The Old Republic as a civ
-Added The Old Sith Empire as a civ
-Added Religions Light Side, Light-Nuetral, Nuetral, Dark-Nuetral, Dark
-Removed Vanilla Religions
(Note that I temporarely put the dark side as a prerequisite for some relgious missionaries. That does not mean I think that religon is evil. It is for placeholding purposes only.

Version 0.45

-Added Quarren as a civ
-Added Chiss as a civ
-Added Mandalorians as a civ
-Finished Civs for now

Version 0.475

-Fixed bugs
-Deleted vanilla civs

Version 0.5

-Finished Civics
-Finished Religion
-Finished Civs
-Half Done whooooooooooooo

Version 0.54

-Added tons new art
-Added New Sounds
-Added new techs
-Fixed most bugs should run smoothly

Version 0.6

-Added New Techs(73)
-Added 6 new civs
-Added Other stuff
-(Still need to delete other techs)

Version 0.65

-1.61 compatibility
-Added Whole new Tech Tree
-Added Units
-Added New Religions
-Tweaks, Art changes, many other things

Thanks to:

All the other people who posted and gave great ideas
Killamike for models and just tons of help
TheLopez for mercanaries mod that I integrated into the mod
Dual for splendiferous Tie Fighters
RogerBacon for his Flying Mod
C.Roland for his Jedi
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 9 ratings

Latest reviews

HELP US!!! we need to know were to put this and wut game?!?! :confused:
I would download it after this post. Need this MOD to completely revamp my old one, as that one failed miserably. :cry:
is this for bts cause it only comes up with this installer and when its done it goes away and i dont know where it sent it pleeezzz help
I think you could improve on your units a bunch. I mean, the droids don't even fight, they just stand there and everyone in their path mysteriously dies.
What with the atat its just a dot a big red one:(
I have the same problem as halozero
i unpacked it into the warlords mod folder, and when i try to load it, it pops up the loading screen, then it goes away and i am on my desktop--am i doing something wrong?:confused:
How do I install this mod?
I was a bit dissapointed with this. i hope more time is put into making the city buildings and improvements, along wiht the units look more star warsy.:mad:
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