Star Wars Scenario Beta 2 (CiC) 1.0

A hybrid space and planet surfaces Star Wars scenario by Shark_byte.

  1. Blake00
    A hybrid space and planet surfaces Star Wars scenario by Shark_byte.

    Mod files rescued from DSquared's Zandanian League backups and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. Also there was no Title.gif so Blake added one for fun.

    File added to this area as part of Blake's lost scenario/mod files restoration & cataloging project which can be found here:

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    Original Description/Intro:
    A long long time from now, in a galaxy not so far away,
    the Rebels and the Empire have recently discovered a
    new galaxy. The colony ships who were sent there have
    been on a long journey, so they are not aware of all
    the technologies available. Of course, both the Empire
    and the Rebels want the galaxy for themselves. You must,
    as the Empire or the Rebels, conquer the whole galaxy,
    (except, if you choose, for your allies of course!!!).
    The Rebels and Empire each develop different techs.
    So playing both sides can be fun... Based on the
    StarWars Scenario Pak v1.5 by Paul Caldwell, 1996
    Scenario and changes by Shark_byte.

    Good choises: Rebels or Empire.
    Money maker: Jabba the Hutt.
    Rebel allies: Confederates, E-Woks.
    Empire allies: Mercenaries, Mutants.