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Stargate Ancient Control Chair (Version 2) 2016-10-05

Stargate Ancient Control Chair (Version 2)

  1. Spacer One
    A Remade version of the Ancient Control Chair in my Stargate Building Pack

    Device of Ancient origin which functions as a mental interface for those with the Ancient gene. The unit is often found stationed on various Ancient outposts.

    Powered by an entire Zero Point Module, control chairs are chiefly responsible for defense, launching Ancient drone weapons from storage portals. They are also capable of displaying various charts, cross-referencing the desired chart from the user's mind with the file stored in the chair's computer. Control chairs are also believed to be able to network with Puddle Jumpers, allowing the user in the chair to remotely pilot them for kamikaze missions and the like.

    The device is not simple to operate. In fact, it requires a considerable amount of concentration for some who possess the Ancient gene. For others, using the unit is intuitive. Those with Dr. Carson Beckett's gene therapy can also operate the technology.

    In the Milky Way Galaxy, control chairs have been found at Taonas on Proclarush and Atlantus outpost on Earth. For the Pegasus Galaxy, a chair is based in a tower of Atlantis, but many likely lie at other outposts there. Other Ancient outposts, such as the one on the Dorandan homeworld, do not appear to have control chairs.