Steel and Thunder: Unique Units

Steel and Thunder: Unique Units 1.51

Steel and Thunder: Unique Units adds one additional Unique Unit to every Civilization including all DLC, Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm Civilizations.




The additional Unique Units are as follows:

AH-64 Apache (America)
Camel Archer (Arabia)
Landsknecht (Germany)
Peltast (Greece)
Phalanx (Sumeria)
Khopesh Warrior (Egypt)
Strategist (China)
Tercio (Spain)
Eques (Rome)
Druzhina (Russia)
Ulfhedinn (Norway)
Sepoy (India)
Longbowman (England)
Sohei (Japan)
Amazon (Scythia)
Bandeirante (Brazil)
Gendarme (France)
Medicine Man (Kongo)
S.A.S.R. (Australia)
Uhlan (Poland)
Jaguar Warrior (Aztec)
Ballistra (Macedon)
Cataphract (Persia)
African Forest Elephant (Nubia)
Isijula Warrior (Zulu)
Gallowglass (Scotland)
Hui Hui Pao (Mongolia)
Namuntulinco (Mapuche)
Turtle Ship (Korea)
War Canoe (Khmer)
Tadzrelebi (Georgia)
Schutterij (Netherlands)
Otehtapiw (Cree)
Kris Warrior (Indonesia)
HMCS Haida (Canada)
Kalandozo (Hungary)
Chasqui (Inca)
Sofa (Mali)
Toatupara (Maori)
Sipahi (Ottomans)
Numidian Cavalry (Phoenicia)
Kronan (Sweden)
Templar (Eleanor of Aquitaine, England/France)


Steel & Thunder: Unit Expansion is not required to run Steel and Thunder: Unique Units but it is recommended.

Steel and Thunder: Unique Units together with Steel & Thunder: Unit Expansion are the sequel to Moar Units which is no longer maintained. Neither of the Steel & Thunder mods is compatible with Moar Units.

Enabling units from Moar Units that are disabled by default

Moar Units added two addtional Unique Units per Civilization - these units are included with Steel & Thunder: Unique Units but are disabled by default. To enable them you can alter the Enabled flags in MOARUniqueUnitsUserSettings.sql and MOARUniqueUnitsConfigUserSettings.sql. These files can be found at ....\steamapps\workshop\content\289070\1362931045\Data.

In the above SQL files you'll see a bunch of lines like this top: INSERT INTO EnabledUniqueUnits (CivilizationType, Type, Enabled, DefaultReplaces, DefaultUpgrade, UnitAiBaseUnit) VALUES ('CIVILIZATION_AMERICA','UNIT_AMERICAN_AH64_APACHE', 1, 'UNIT_HELICOPTER', NULL, 'UNIT_HELICOPTER');

The number 1 after the unit name means that this unit is enabled. If it is 0 (zero) then the unit is disabled. If you want the Civ selection screen to be updated too then you need to alter the file MOARUniqueUnitsConfigUserSettings.sql to reflect which units you have enabled/disabled in MOARUniqueUnitsUserSettings.sql.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.51 Update

    v1.50/v1.51 * New Hakkapeliitta unique unit for Sweden. Kronan removed. * New Ship of the Line...
  2. 1.43 Update

    v1.43 * Fixed: Numidian Cavalry now throws javelin without entering tile of attacked unit. *...
  3. 1.42 Update

    v1.41 * Fixed: Rise & Fall and base game compatibility. * Fixed: Set Technology for Templar to...
  4. 1.40 Update

    Updated for Gathering Storm! New Units: HMCS Haida (Canada) Canadian unique Atomic Era Naval...
  5. 1.21 Update

    1.21 * Fixed non-Rise & Fall compatibility issue. * Renamed Tadzreuli to Tadzrelebi and added...
  6. 1.11 Update

    * Fixed: Jaguars can capture units as Builders. * Adjust cost and combat of German Landsknecht...
  7. 1.10 Update

    * Rename Assegai Warrior -> Isijula Warrior. * Update Sumerian Phalanx Formation. * Correct...
  8. 1.01 Update

    Fixes: * Nubian Elephant now unlocks at Horseback Riding * Zulu Assegai Warrior replaces Archer.

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Thanks for translation Trail. Very nice mod
Adds tremendous variability, extremely enjoyable.
Please, add russian translate.
The idea is great but I found the download is extremely difficult to complete.
Great mod, thank you!
Fantastic units, adds flavour and diversity to the game. A must-have for every Civfanatic!
Best unit addition mod.
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