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Steel and Thunder: Unique Units

Steel and Thunder: Unique Units 1.51


* New Hakkapeliitta unique unit for Sweden. Kronan removed.
* New Ship of the Line unique unit for England. Sea Dog removed.
* Other fixes to graphics and gameplay.
* Fixed: Numidian Cavalry now throws javelin without entering tile of attacked unit.
* Added Russian translation by Trail Blazers.
* Removed text relating to the old Janissary unit.

* Fixed: Rise & Fall and base game compatibility.
* Fixed: Set Technology for Templar to Castles and made it purchasable with Faith.
* Fixed: Chasqui upgrades to Warak'aq.


* Many 3D art fixes.
* Make independent of S&T: Unit Expansion (create Units_XP2 if not exists).
* Fixed: Brazilian Bandeirante Historic Moment image SQL.
* Add Korean translation by nut9931.
Updated for Gathering Storm!

New Units:

HMCS Haida (Canada)
Canadian unique Atomic Era Naval Melee unit that replaces the Destroyer. +10 Combat Strength versus Naval Raider class units. +5 Combat Strength when in formation. Prevents friendly Traders within 4 tiles from being plundered as long as they are on a water tile.

Kalandozó (Hungary)
Hungarian unique Medieval Era Ranged unit replacing the Crossbowman. Double gold from pillaging Districts and Improvements. Yields 50% of defeated units' Combat Strength as Gold on combat victory.

Chasqui (Inca)
Incan unique Ancient Era Recon unit replacing the Scout. +1 extra movement and can build roads.

Sofa (Mali)
Malian unique Medieval Era Ranged unit replacing the Crossbowman. +5 Combat Strength vs damaged units. Adjacent Cavalry units receive +4 Combat Strength.

Toatupara (Maori)
Maori unique Industrial Era Recon unit replacing the Ranger. Weaker than Ranger but can attack twice per turn. Can build Pa Improvement.

Sipahi (Ottomans)
Ottoman unique Medieval Era Heavy Cavalry unit replacing the Knight. +100% flanking bonus and requires fewer movement points to pillage.

Numidian Cavalry (Phoenicia)
Phoenician unique Classical Era Light Cavalry unit replacing Horseman. Has Ranged Attack. Can move after attacking.

Kronan (Sweden)
Swedish unique Renaissance Era Naval Melee unit replacing the Frigate. Combat +5 adjacent to another Kronan unit.

Templar (Eleanor of Aquitaine, England/France)
Leader unique unit for Eleanor of Aquitaine. +5 Combat Strength Combat Strength when opponent is another religion. +5 Combat Strength within 4 tiles of any Holy Site District.

Also Longbowman is now the default UU for England.
* Fixed non-Rise & Fall compatibility issue.
* Renamed Tadzreuli to Tadzrelebi and added pedia text.
* Also added pedia text for Khmer War Canoe and Cree Otehtapiw.
* Corrected Peltast description to say Range 2.
* Macedonian Ballistra now upgrades to Trebuchet.
* New helmet art for Persian Cataphract.

* Hui Hui Pao now provides +5 Combat Strength to adjacent Heavy Cavalry, Light Cavalry and Melee units when they attack Districts.
* Khmer War Canoe upgrades to Cog if both S&T Mods are active.
* Georgian Tadzreuli upgrades to Cuirassier if both S&T Mods are active.
* Chinese Shigong rebranded as Strategist.
* Historic Moment images now blend better with the background.
* Add Historic Moment images for Persian Cataphract and Australian SASR.
* Macedonian Pezhetairos now has icon if it is enabled.
* Russian Translation by Renons.

* Update Peltast to have 2 Range.
* Add additional Historic Moment images.
* Fixed: Jaguars can capture units as Builders.
* Adjust cost and combat of German Landsknecht and Mapuche Namuntulinco.
* Improved Landsknecht 3D Art.
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* Rename Assegai Warrior -> Isijula Warrior.

* Update Sumerian Phalanx Formation.

* Correct Phalanx bonus text to +5 rather than +8.
* Nubian Elephant now unlocks at Horseback Riding
* Zulu Assegai Warrior replaces Archer.
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