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Strategic Industry - Rise and Fall 2018-09-25

Unit production is now accelerated by a variety of resources.

  1. UncivilizedGuy
    Strategic resources are now more important than ever. The role of strategic resources has been expanded by giving them the ability to boost production for most military units.

    Production for most military units is now boosted by 100% when a civilization possesses the required resources.

    Unit costs have been doubled. So the boost gets them back to their normal costs. This also affects purchasing and upgrading. The boosts will not stack if multiple resources are owned. Unique unit costs have been untouched.

    • Example: The Knight requires Horses to be constructed. If your civ possesses Iron then the production cost is cut in half. The Knight can also be constructed without Iron, it just takes much longer.


    Early strategic resources now have importance through the entirety of the game. For this reason you might think twice before trading them away:

    • Iron when combined with Coal will trigger the Factory to produce Industrial Steel. Industrial Steel boosts production for virtually all late game units beginning in the Modern Era.
    • Horses now have +2 Amenities
    • Niter adds +1 Food to all farmed resources when the Research Lab is built.
    • Coal or Oil or Uranium trigger the Shipyard to produce Marine Fuel. Marine Fuel is required by all naval units (except submarines) starting in the Modern Era.


    More examples:

    In some cases combined resources are required to boost production.

    • Example: Industrial Steel and Uranium combined will boost production of the Modern Armor. Owning one of those resources will do nothing.

    In other cases owning only one resource out of many will boost production.

    • Example: Stone or Copper or Tin or Iron will boost production of the Archer. Only one is needed.

    Boosts are explained in the description of each unit.

    Early naval units are boosted by Timber. Timber is a bonus resource produced by Lumber Mills.


    Mods supported:

    • Steel and Thunder Unit Expansion by Deliverator.
    • Resourceful 2 by Amatheria

    If you choose not to use those mods then the folders with the same titles as the two mods above must be removed from Strategic Industry.

    This is NOT compatible with Global Arms Trade.

    Special Thanks:
    Gedemon. Combat and Stacking Overhaul was used as a reference.
    Deliverator for creating such great mods!
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