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Strategic Industry V. 10.01

Strategic Resources, Districts and Buildings are required for more units.

  1. UncivilizedGuy
    Strategic Industry
    (Version 10.01, Uploaded Nov 14, 2017)

    Three new Strategic Resources:
    Copper, Composites and Propellant.

    Copper gives +1 Production.

    Copper, Coal, Niter, Oil, Aluminum now spawn on a wider variety of terrains.

    New Projects
    Can only be built once.

    Firearm Enhancements: Produces +2 Propellant and +5 Great General points. Requires Industrial Zone, Niter, and Mobilization.

    R&D Investments: Produces +2 Composites and 15% Science. Requires Campus, Iron and Composites (tech).

    New Building
    Forge: +1 Production. Produces +1 Copper. Requires Encampment and Iron Working.

    Strategic resource changes:
    Copper: Spearman, Heavy Chariot, Field Cannon
    Iron: Pikeman and Crossbowman
    Niter: Ranger, Frigate, and Privateer
    Propellant: Artillery, Infantry, AT Crew, Modern AT, Machine Gun, Anti-Air Gun
    Oil: Biplane, Submarine, Destroyer, Helicopter, Missile Cruiser
    Composites: Mechanized Infantry, Rocket Artillery, Mobile SAM, Modern Armor.

    Siege Weapons, Ships, Mechanized Units, Support Units now require industrial infrastructure:
    Encampment: Catapult, Siege Tower, Battering Ram, Observation Balloon
    Armory: Bombard, Field Cannon
    Shipyard: Frigate, Privateer, Ironclad, Battleship, Submarine
    Seaport: Aircraft Carrier, Destroyer, Nuclear Submarine, Missile Cruiser
    Factory: Tank
    Power Plant: Mechanized Infantry, Rocket Artillery, Mobile SAM, Modern Armor

    Other changes for better gameplay:
    Moved Encampment to Archery.

    Designed to be used in conjuction with Strategic Timber.

    KNOWN BUG: Propellant and Composites icons show up too large in the diplomacy trade screen. Has no affect on the game other than looking funky.