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Strategic Industry V. 10.01

Strategic Resources, Districts and Buildings are required for more units.

  1. Caravel and Shipyard changes

    Caravel no longer requires Shipyard.

    Shipyard moved back to Mass Production.
  2. Changes to buildings and some units.

    Strategic resources are no longer produced by the base game buildings. I created a separate mod for this called Defense Contractors.

    New Building: Forge. Produces Copper.

    Crossbowman now requires Iron.
    Frigate and Privateer now require Niter.
    Biplane now requires Oil.
  3. Added Composites resource and two projects.

    New Projects:
    Firearm Enhancements: Available at Mobilization. Requires Niter and Industrial Zone. Produces Propellant and Great General points.

    R&D Investments: Available at Composites. Requires Iron and Campus. Produces Composites and 15% Science.

    Propellant is no longer produced by the Factory.

    New Resource: Composites.
    Required by Mech Infantry, Rocket Artillery, Mobile SAM, Modern Armor.

    All Mines built on Strategic Resources no longer need the Feature removed.
  4. Added new resource: Propellant.

    Added new resource: Propellant.

    Propellant is produced by the Factory. Available at Rifling.

    Propellant is consumed by late game non-mechanized units. Infantry, Machine Guns, etc.

    Many Units now require buildings as prerequisites to simulate real-life industry.
  5. Major overhaul

    Completely overhauled the mod to streamline things. Units require resources again but no longer require buildings. Instead many buildings produce strategic resources.
  6. Updated for Moar Units .71 compatibility

    Updated to support the Maceman, Sniper, and Explorer in MOAR Units .71

    Removed the yield changes to Copper for compatibility with my Realistic Resource Yields mod. The yield changes now occur in Realistic Resource Yields.
  7. Updated for MOAR Units Poland support

    Added Even MOAR Units Poland support.

    Removed MOAR Units dependencies. Not needed.
  8. Updated for MOAR Units .62, Ever MOAR Units Aztecs, and Hooves and Holy War

    Updated to support:
    • MOAR Units .62
    • Even MOAR Units Aztecs
    • Even MOAR Units: Hooves and Holy War
  9. Now compatible with MOAR Units 0.52

    Solved issue with crashes related to MOAR Units, Aztec DLC, Poland DLC and Tribes, Bandits, and Rebels that were occurring when saved games were loaded. Issue was resolved by adding a LoadOrder element to the modinfo file.

    Removed MOAR Units in it's entirety from Strategic Industry. MOAR Units must be loaded separately.

    Removed Tribes, Bandits, and Rebels in it's entirety from Strategic Industry. Tribes, Bandits, and Rebels must be loaded separately.

    Created removable compatibility...
  10. Fixed alternate naval units graphics

    Fixed the problem where the graphics for the alternate naval units (oil battleship, coal destroyer, nuclear aircraft carrier, and missile cruiser) were not appearing in-game.