Struggle for Empire - The French and Indian War Scenario (FW)

Struggle for Empire - The French and Indian War Scenario (FW) 3.0

A Colonization era scenario set during the French and Indian War by Carl Fritz.

Hosted by the Scenario League. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE.

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Original Description/Intro:
the French and Indian War
^"After all, Sire, what have we lost, a few acres of snow?"
^ Voltaire to Louis XV hearing the news that Canada was no longer French
^Length: %STRING1 to %STRING2 using monthly turns
^An undeclared war is in progress between France and England for control of
North America. Just 6 months ago, the French defeated an English force lead
by Colonel George Washington near Ft. Duquesne. The Frenchmen have alliances
with the Algonkians, Mission Indians, and Spaniards. The Cherokees and
Six Nations are neutral for now.
^Recommended : Englishmen,Frenchmen
^Possible : Spanish
^Not for play: Any of the Indian Tribes
^NOTES: Although the Tech Tree has been pruned, tech advances are still
imporatant. There is no need to directly research "Royal Regiments" and
"Tactics" because these advances will be given by events.
^SPECIAL RULES: Objective scoring, No government switching,
No tech from conquest, No pollution


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