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SubWars for Test of Time 2016-10-05

SubWars for Test of Time

  1. Catfish
    Bernd Brosing's SubWars scenario for MGE converted to Test of Time.

    At the end of the 21st century the ocean floor is a region full of activity. There are resources, food and space enough for everyone, but the Pacific region is increasingly falling under the control of giant multi-national corporations which maintain huge undersea bases with enormous capabilities in the fields of research and production.

    But this economic success also has its dark side; some of the companies exert a strong influence on the politics of Pacific states, and try to avoid international control of their activities. Some smaller states already depend on food and resource deliveries from these companies. As a result, these companies have been granted special privileges, including the permission to recruit their own armed security forces.

    Recently the ongoing economic exploitation of the seas has lead to serious ecological problems. All attempts to introduce effective protection have failed due to the refusals of some companies to comply with international authorities, referring to their special privileges. In the last few months this conflict has escalated dramatically: international control teams were frequently harassed by company-owned security forces, and some contractual food grants and resource deliveries were restrained to put pressure on the Pacific states. Furthermore private media networks owned by deep sea companies started large PR campaigns to discredit international efforts to protect the seas.

    Therefore the SubForce member states have decided to enforce international sea law in the Pacific by military force.


    [tot] Civilization 2: Test of Time version 1.1​

    • Extract the archive into your main Test of Time folder.
    • Under Graphic Options (Ctrl+P), disable Animated Units.

    Save all games in the SubWars scenario folder.​


    Updated 02-Oct-2009:

    Fixed Pillage menu.​


    1. tot_subwars_map_ND3.png
    2. tot_subwars_scene1_tz6.jpg
    3. tot_subwars_scene2_6bl.jpg