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Sukritact's Khmer Cvilization for VP 12

Rebalances the Khmer Empire for use with the Community Balance Patch

  1. UA buff, UI nerf

    Removed 5% wonder production from Phnom Preah
    increased instant Food/Faith bonus from the UA to triple the food per turn in the city
  2. UA GEngineer Point Fix

    fixes lua error causing GEngineer points given by the UA to ignore % GPP modifiers
  3. UA rework

    reworked UA mechanics
    wonders and public works give +1 GE points in a city instead of +5% modifier
    Tromeak's boost to subsequent GE bursts increased to 15% (this is separate from the 25% burst increase from a Manufactory/phnom preah)
  4. 02-03 compatibility

    Phnom Preah GEngineer boost increased to 25% (same as manufactory)
  5. icon update

    new icon for Jayavarman leader
  6. text fix

    Chivopol costs unit supply. Fixed text to reflect this
  7. phnom preah

    Prang renamed to Phnom Preah
    Phnom Preah base production to 5:c5production:
    3D leader screen reimplemented
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  8. 2D leader screen

    reverted to 2D leader screen
  9. 3D leaderscreen

    3D leaderscreen
  10. compatibility

    teahean now 12cs
    prang ideology yields changed