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Super Forts 2016-10-05

Super Forts

  1. Red Key
    Purpose: To make improvements to improvements, especially forts.
    Type: SDK and XML
    Current Version: 1.20
    Requirements: BTS 3.19
    Last Updated: 7/25/2013

    New Fort Rules (or any improvement with the xml tag <bActsAsCity> set to 1):
    1. When a fort is built in an unowned plot it gives the building player cultural control over the plot it is built in.
    2. If you move a unit into an unowned fort, then you will gain cultural control over that plot.
    3. If you move a military unit into an enemy fort, then you will gain cultural control over that plot.
    4. If another player has more culture in your fort’s plot than you, then the fort will culture flip if you have no defenders. Forts will never flip as long as you have a defender in the fort.
    5. Forts can be bombarded to reduce their defenses just like cities. Their defense will also be “repaired” over time like cities. [Edit: As of Version 1.00, whether an improvement is bombardable or not is controlled by an XML tag. Any improvement with a defense can be bombarded if this XML tag is set true, and not just forts.]
    6. When you control a fort your culture borders may extend to the plots around it if they are within the range specified by the <iCultureRange> XML tag. Your ownership of the plots around the fort is calculated in the same manner as plots around cities: if more than one player has a city/fort within range of a plot then the one that has the most culture in the plot owns it.

    The AI has been modded to better build, defend, and attack forts under the new rules.

    New Improvement XML Tags
    <iCulture> - the amount of culture added each turn to the plot the improvement is in for the owner. i.e. forts have <iCulture>2</iCulture> so each turn the owner of a plot with a fort will get 2 culture added to the plot from the fort.
    <iVisibilityChange> - increases vision range similar to the “sentry” promotion, any unit in a plot with this improvement will be able to see this much farther while in the plot.
    <iSeeFrom> - this tag influences how far you can see from a plot and already existed in Civ4TerrainInfos.xml. A high enough “see from” value allows units to “see through” terrain/forests/hills to the plots behind them. For example, this is the way units are able to see farther from a hill in the unmodded game.
    Added in Version 1.00:
    <iCultureRange> - Determines the range of an improvement's cultural influence. If the improvement acts as a city, then this is the range of its borders. An improvement with iCulture will add culture to all plots within its range, but only one that ActsAsCity will extend borders.
    <bBombardable> - An improvement will be bombardable if this is set to 1, and it has a defense modifier.
    <bUpgradeRequiresFortify> - Make improvements upgrade by fortify-ing their plot with units instead of being worked by a city. Note: No improvements currently have this active in the XML.
    <iUnique> - This is the range within which you cannot build another of this improvement.

    Note to Modders
    Feel free to use this mod as a part of your own mods. I only ask that you mention me and the mod’s title in your “credits.” All of my XML schema and SDK changes have been marked with a “Super Forts” comment.

    Forum Thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=444512

    Additional info is available in first few posts of the thread above.


    1. resourcefromfort_Swl.jpg
    2. bombardfort_I61.jpg
    3. extendedborders_4MU.jpg