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Super Mario Bros. - The Koopa Troop 2016-10-05

Super Mario Bros. - The Koopa Troop

  1. Typhlomence
    Original release: 6th January 2015 | Current Version: 6th January 2016

    This mod adds a civilization based on Bowser and the Koopa Troop from Super Mario Bros., with the mighty Koopa King himself as its leader! This civilization is designed for conquest first and foremost, with incentives to keeping foreign cities under its control.

    This mod requires Brave New World.

    Steam Workshop page (screenshots can also be found here)
    My CivFanatics thread

    Mod options can be changed via the BowserOptions.sql file. You can choose an alternate leader icon for Bowser, as well as enabling alternate colours for Ethiopia if you're having trouble distinguishing the two civilizations on the map.

    This mod includes several flavour unit graphics: currently included are new models for the Landship, Tank, Modern Armor, Mechanized Infantry, Mobile SAM, Rocket Artillery, Nuclear Missile and Jet Fighter.

    Peace Theme: Bowser's Theme (Mario Party)
    War Theme: Nemesis King Koopa (Super Mario Galaxy)

    Additional soundtrack packs (either or both can be used):


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