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Super Spies Mod 2016-10-05

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Change Log:

Fixed - CTDs! Finally discovered the bugs and smashed them over and over again. Reimplemented Modular XML as it was not to blame.

More Attempts...

Attempts at fixing CTDs
Added - Assassination Mission, see above for details
Added - Alchemist III promotion which adds a fallout effect to all sabotaged improvements
Added - AI Promotion Logic, they will now do their best to create formidible foes for your own intelligence network
Added - Dynamic overall AI espionage targetting, AI will now vastly prioritize tech leaders and people they don't like, while ignoring others
Added - AI weight and usage of counter espionage missions (No they never use them in vanilla)
Added - AI requirement of annoyed or worse to use aggressive missions (They would waste away their EP on neutral neighbors in vanilla 3.13)
Added - Additional details to destroy improvement and destroy unit missions saying which city they occured near

Fixed - Graphical display error for promotion effects
Fixed - Got rid of innate chance of escape without promotion
Fixed - Nationality of escaping spies automatically being revealed to player


Added - "Bonus Unrest" Promotion Effect
Added - "Bonus Revolt" Promotion Effect
Added - "Bonus Unhealthiness" Promotion Effect
Added - "Escape" Promotion Effect
Added - "Loyalty" Promotion Effect
Added - Counter Espionage Ticker
Added - "Bonus Counter Espionage" Promotion Effect

Fixed - Mission XP bug (Only gave max or minimum because of a stupid error on my part)


Added - "Evasion" Promotion Effect
Added - "Intercept" Promotion Effect
Added - "Preparation" Promotion Effect
Added - Spy XP gain from missions
Added - Proper Spy XP gain from buildings
Added - Spy XP gain from catching spies

Fixed - Building sabotage bug from 3.13
Fixed - "Recent Mission" bug from 3.13
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