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SUPREMACY 2016-10-05


  1. DOmar1990

    LAST UPDATE: MARCH 6, 2012
    Reason: World War 2 Scenario updated.

    Install Instructions: Download the .zip file, unzip it and place the Supremacy Folder into the BeyondtheSword/Mods folder.

    ***The mod supports english and spanish only. I have made this mod playing at Noble or Prince handicap, and Marathon Speed in mind... so this mod works best with that configuration.***

    To see this changes list on spanish:
    Para ver estos cambios en español:


    Major changes under this mod:

    + Add a gigantic size map playable at any kind of public map, and random maps. (Fractal does pretty giant maps)

    + Civilization 5's Leaderhead graphics used to this mod to replace the Civ4 ones.

    + Up to 48 Civs at gameplay (no more limit of 18 civs at game)

    + Now humans can be vassals of other human player or IA player.

    + Better Beyond the Sword IA made by jdog5000

    + Scrollbar at scores list. So you can play with more than 25 civs and still can see them on the list using the scrollbar to up and down the scores list.

    + Cultural Legendary City increased from 150,000 to 200,000 at Marathon speed. So now you will need 3 cities with 200,000 of culture or more to become Legendary and win by the Cultural Way; this is a .33333334% increase.

    + New unit formations, made by The_Navy_Seal member.

    + Bombers, Stealth Fighter, and Stealth Bomber now can be transported on carriers.

    + Carriers can transport more airplanes, but each carrier has an extra cost of 20 or 30 gold per turn... so having this powerful unit its very expensive at this mod (as at reality), and its cost only can be afford by great powers with powerful economies.

    + All Static Leaders (mod component download from civfanatics, dont remember from where...) I make this because like it's a giant size map, I have experienced that at after industrial era, the game runs slower and if at the beginning of the next turn a leader wants to contact you, it takes a while until his graphics load on the leader's window... so I download this component for make all leaders statics, so the game is less charged on graphics on gigantic maps and the game can run more quiclky between turns.

    + Now each unit cost 2 of gold per turn. Modern units has extra cost related to which unit it is (for example a gunpowder unit has an extra cost of +1 because you have to pay the unit's wage, plus the weapon maintenance, so gunpowder unit will cost you +2 of unit maintenante, and +1 of the equipment maintenance that the unit use. Which more advanced the equipment that the modern unit uses, higher will be the extra cost for that equipment maintenance above the unit maintenance itself), so you have to do more with less, instead you want your economy at 0% to support a huge modern army.

    + Long Rage to siege and archer units by topsecret member. I also add long range to other units that topsecret member doesnt add on his mod component such as Horse Archer, Ballista Elephant (because even if they are mounted, they still are archers mouning that animals), and Tanks too (but dont causes too much damage, because the biggest damage belongs to the Mobile Artillery in its long range.
    Distance radio and damage capacity by long range attacks is different on each unit.

    + Tactical Nuke range radio changed from 4 square radio to 10 squares radio.

    + ICBM and Tactical Nuke build cost increased, and nuke art changed.

    + World Wonders will not be inmune to nukes anymore.

    + Tactical Nuke, and ICBM will not be inmune to nukes anymore.

    + Technologies research longer (this was a mod component that I download from civfanatics, but I dont find where the hell I get it to give credit so, if you know who post this let me know for give credit.)

    + Free Market now have a +50% growth per ville, town, etc. -50% corporation maintenance and -25% City Maintenance cost.

    + State Property now can found public corporations, but cannot allow foreign corporations. +50% Corporation maintenance.

    + Enviromentalism now +100% Corporation Maintenance.

    + Corporations are less lucrative; now corporations report 2 of gold per turn by each city with corporation (4 of gold per turn before)

    + ''Late Religious Spring'' I have increased the late's religions spread (islam, christianity) to make them competitive with the first ones that always domain the world. So now, when this late's religion are found, they will spread faster than the first ones pace, and if you dont make something to stop it (like make the others adopt Teocracy to stop the spread of the new ones and keep them as your religious allies... / or destroy the new religion as soon as it is founded to vanish any threat to your religious hegemony), the world's religious alligments can change very quickly... and that's not nice if you was the religious domain power!!!

    + No civilization will start with Mysticism. I have replaced on the CivilizationsInfo.XML all the starting technologies of that ones that started before with Mysticism to other technologies, so all civilizations will have the same chance to create one of the first 3 religions on equal conditions.

    +Modern Flags

    + I have added more player colors, so dont be aware of playing with too many civs, there's borders colors enough up to 37 civs.

    + I have done a Gigantic Earth Map for this mod with 37 civilizations. Map is included inside de Mod folder, you can find this map as ''Superpowers Earth Map'' at Scenarios.

    + Other minor changes made... so minor that I dont even remember which they are to list them here... ^^


    This is the first version of this mod... IM VERY SURE that it will grow in the next several months until I learn more about SDK and Python... I still have a lot of ideas on the draft awaiting for be made and I will try to learn as much as I can to make them happend. See my MOD IDEAS to take a look on what im going to be working for the next version of Supremacy. http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=427568

    Special Thanks: I want to say thanks to The_J, Baldyr, Asaf, Kael, jojoweb and all the people who have help me a lot responding my questions, refering me tutorials, making tutorials, and spending time to help others like me to become modders.
    ***NONE of the mod components and units installed on this mod are made by me. The only thing that I have done on this mod is the technical work and edit some of the files from the components that I have downloaded. So this mod is mostly a mix of the other modder's work, and from them its the credit of that work included on this mod.***

    Mods used to extract XML and Art stuff: Nations in War, Powers that Be, Psyx Modern World, Giant Earth Map, and Total War 1.1

    Let me know if there's anything wrong. I have test 3 games on the automatic AI player from beginning to end and no crash or bug was found.


    1. supremacy_Iwz.jpg
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    8. civ4screenshot0090_T3w.jpg
    9. cataplum_t1b.png
    10. score_8oI.png