Swedish City Names Fix 2016-10-05

Swedish City Names Fix

  1. Gurra09
    This mod corrects some spelling mistakes made by Firaxis when writing the city names for the Swedish civilization that came with Gods and Kings. These changes are made where found in the language versions using the Latin alphabet found in my Civ setup. I found all these errors weird since while they missed out on Swedish Å, Ä and Ö letters in three of these (and different in different translations) they got them correct in others, such as Linköping and Strängnäs.

    The city names that have been corrected are:

    Västerås (originally Västeräs in English)
    Jyväskylä (originally Jyvaskyla in English, French, Italian and Polish)
    Göteborg (originally Gothenburg in Polish)*
    Örebro (originally Orebro on English, Italian and Polish)
    Umeå (originally Umea in English, Spanish, Italian and Polish)

    How to install and use:
    1. Extract the downloaded .zip and put the Swedish City Name Fix folder in My Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS
    2. Enable it in Mods menu and play!

    *I did not change Gothenburg/Gotemburgo to Göteborg in English/Spanish translation, which is the Swedish name for it, since sticking to translated language's name whenever there is one seems to be standard. This does not apply to Polish however, where Gothenburg apparently is not the Polish translation for it and therefore Swedish name is more appropriate (which also is how it was already done originally in French and Italian).