Swedish Empire: Renaissance Warfare 1.3

A modified version of Big Bopper's Scenario

  1. 1.3 update

    1.3 update:
    1. Ireland is now playable, it is still a minor power though.
    2. Four new unique units for Ireland: Kern (16c Pikeman), Gallowglass (Man-at-Arm), Arquebusier, Reiter.
    3. Rodelero as unique Man-at Arm for Spain.
    4. German civs (except Austria and Brandenburg-Prussia) can not train Man-at-Arm anymore.
    5. Two new technologies: Renaissance Army and Renaissance Navy, all civs start with them. They exist in the tech tree in order...
  2. 1.2 update

    1.2 update:
    1. New Civ: Ireland, currently an unplayable minor Power.
    2. Old unplayable Independent States renamed to Free Imperial Cities, now it only represent independent force in Germany region, Ireland is not part of this civ anymore.
    3. New unique unit: 16c Baltic Arquebusier, available to Brandenburg-Prussia and Livonia. (Brandenburg-Prussia now get access to both old Landsknecht style 16c Arquebusier and this new unit, the latter is pre-placed on...
  3. 1.1

    1.1 update:
    1. Scotland now starts with Embassies.
    2. Württemberg, Palatinate, Mecklenburg, Magdeburg, Lorraine, Hesse, and Hannover are now playable.
    -warnning: although they're playable, they're especially hard to play as they start with no Embassy, fewer techs, low economies, only one civ strength and only one city.
    - Württemberg, Hesse and Hannover can now get access to Constitutional Monarchy government...