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Sweeper Mecha from FF VII 2016-10-05

Besides, this unit could be used in almost any near-future/sci-fi mods where mecha could be used. I'll be starting on a Sweeper color variant (Sweepers and Custom Sweepers were weaker versions of the Death Machines that also used a slightly different weaponry (they used a chemical fog instead of a needle gauss gun), that looked the same, but with different coloration. The reason I'm doing the sweeper instead of the custom sweeper is because the dark blue-green color of the custom sweeper is way too close to civ colors, and creating/editing a pallete so that colors that aren't supposed to be civ colors don't get converted into civ colors. The sweeper, on the other hand is kind of an orange color, which is much easier to do.

In related news, the cover finally fell off my well-worn Final Fantasy VII strategy guide (one of the sources for the reference pictures I used when creating this sucker), and I had to duct tape it back on.

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