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Syracuse Civilization lead by Archimedes 1.0

Ancient Syracuse's greatest citizen, Archimedes, leads his civilization to greatness.

  1. PonderThis

    Leader: Archimedes
    Trait: The Great Mathematician, Physicist, Engineer, Inventor, and Astronomer
    Every turn that starts with a boostable technology being researched that has not been bosted has a 5% chance of a Eureka.png Eureka! moment resulting in that boost.
    Protip: Whenever you can, have a second boostable technology selected in the tech tree so that when the current tech finishes you don't waste that turn by having no boostable tech selected and thus no chance of a random boost.

    Civilization: Syracuse of Magna Graeca
    Trait: Fountain of Arethusa
    The Fountain of Arethusa is the place where the nymph Arethusa, the patron figure of ancient Syracuse, returned to earth's surface after escaping from her undersea home in Arcadia.
    This fountain provides +1 Housing.png Housing and +1 Amenities.png Amenity in every Syracusan city.

    Unique Unit: Trireme
    The Syracuse Trireme is a version of the galley that, because of its use of Archimedes' Screw, is both larger and has a longer range than the basic galley. It is, however, slightly more expensive than a galley.
    Specifically: 4 ⮚ Movement (+1 ⮚ over the galley), 40 Strength.png Strength (+15 Strength.png over the galley), Cost of 75 :c5gold: (+10 :c5gold: over the galley).

    Unique District: Defended Harbor
    Archimedes' claw and heat ray create formidable harbor defences. These defenses upgrade with walls and castles along with the encampment.
    Specifically: The defended harbor has the same ranged attack and fortified defence as the encampment.

    I had a lot of fun researching the names used in this mod. The city names are all location and era appropriate. Most are direct colonies of Syracuse while a few are other nearby Greek colonies on the island of Sicily. The people names are all pretty much assorted Tyrants and their family members. In other words, whatever I could scour from wikipedia.